General Vastu Remedies

General Vastu Remedies

 General Vastu Remedies General Vastu Remedies

Vaastu Shastra is believed to exhibit cosmic energies that can be very beneficial for a successful lifestyle. Today Vaastu Shastra has gained further importance due to the understanding of ancient and past monuments. The ancient science of structure is considered for prosperity and heavenly pleasure. At times, due to space constraints Vaastu Shastra cannot be implemented in certain houses. This poses a question on how could the dosh be curtailed. Vaastu Shastra has also implemented rules and guidelines for creating remedies for such doshas. It is believed that each direction has its own characteristics and when any place or object does not meet the defined characteristics of all eight directions, it is known to fall in vastu dosh.

Vaastu Shastra is also the bridge that combines or creates harmony between human beings and nature. In case you have been finding it difficult to hunt for appropriate jobs you need to scan your house. At times, ignoring Vaastu guidelines also brings in fights between young couples and family members. All these unintentional reasons can also be caused due to non-consideration of Vaastu guidelines.

Vaastu Shastra considers cosmic energies caused by five important elements of life primarily fire, sky, air, earth and space. All these elements can bring in positivity and success in your life. In order to avoid such things in future, you can always take the help of an expert Vaastu priest. You will have to certainly change or amend certain areas of your room. The Vaastu Shastra does mention remedial procedures to curb or lower the amount of negativity. You can need to place crystals, instruments like plates, stones in order to nullify the whole negativity.

All these instruments are charged up with certain positive spirits that help to balance the amount of negativity in your house. At times, you will have to reconstruct your house or change the direction of certain rooms accordingly.

Always remember that every Vaastu dosh will have some kind of remedy and this makes it extra pious. Vaastu Shastra never claims to fully charge any house completely. There are certain areas that will always remain negative and the only solution is to amend and consider locations that lower the chances of negativity.

Some of the other known remedies of vastu dosh are as follows:

o a Ganesh Puja at home to curb any dosh existing in the house premises.

  • One should do Grah Shanti pooja every year.
  • Navagrah , Shantipath and Agnihotra yagya pooja also plays a vital role in fighting vastu dosh.
  • The divine mantra “Om namoh Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay namah” is beneficial if recited 108 times every Tuesday morning.
  • Place energised Place Vastu Chakra Yantra at your home and pray vastu mantra.



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