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Vedic astrology is dependent on various astrological treatises written by our ancient rishis. It is a science, which studies the influence of planets and stars in your horoscope. Several planetary combinations influence good and bad effects depending on the kind of combination. To know exactly about all doshas, rajayogas and other details, you have to get your horoscope verified by our qualified astrologers.

Each Question will be personally replied by “Pandit. Rahul Kaushl” and will be replied to your email directly for privacy issues. In case you are not interested to know about yearly forecasts and would like to ask only specific things about any aspects of your life like marriage, career or relationship, you can opt for this service.

Please remember that the question has to be a specific one and should be related to any one particular aspect of your life. You may give details related to the instance but the question should be exact and single. In case you ask something like “tell me about my health, wealth, promotion and career”, we will provide answers only to the first aspect. Hence make it sure what to ask in this category. You can save time and money by asking the right question.

We have taken all necessary precautions to keep your information safe and secure while replying.


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– We have taken all necessary precautions to keep your information safe and secure while replying.

– As this will be Astrologer’s Personal reply SO it’ll be precise instead of briefing you any yogas and astrological combinations

– In case of any help let us know we are always here to help and guide.

– After Submitting order Please wait upto 48 hours … normally we EMail reports in 24 hours max in PDF format and at times in 6 hours.

– In Few cases instead of replying on email “Pandit. Rahul Kaushl” will talk to you on Phone.