Vaastu Advice for Factory

Vaastu Advice for Factory

Vaastu Advice for Factory Vaastu Advice for Factory

Vaastu was always an important element for most housing needs. It is also considered to be a positive sign for most accomplishments. Today people want to ensure that they reside in a place that is free from all negative energies. But Vaastu Shastra has brought in freshness and a positive spirit that people always aspired for.


So what exactly does Vaastu Shastra do?

The perfect goal to earn money cannot be fully attributed to Vaastu elements. The only way to a better atmosphere filled with great working mind can be attributed to Vaastu. The first job would be to examine the land and area of the factory. The site would be judged basis the direction and materials used. Sometimes Vaastu can also help to correct certain errors or problems noticed in a particular land. Sometimes Vaastu can help solve some of the land issues. The factory must always be located towards the Northern, Eastern or North-eastern directions. These directions will help in enjoying profit and money. The important condition is noting that the entrance must always be towards the eastern direction.

The main entrance of the factory must have a gate which could be a huge one with atleast two kinds of shutters. The administrative office should always be positioned towards the Northern or Eastern direction. The owner of the factory must also face North while dealing with matters.

You must ensure that there must be a separate storage room for preserving finished products. This provision can be made in the North-western direction. In case of workshop or garage spaces, South-west and South directions seems to fit the bill. Any kind of electrical equipments like generators, boilers could always be placed in the South-eastern directions.

This direction also will enable smooth and efficient running of work. The toilets in your factory should always be placed in the South-eastern direction. You could simultaneously think of shifting toilets to the North-western direction too.

Vaastu advice for a factory also cover placement of artificial water bodies. All kinds of water and septic tank must be placed towards the Northern or North-western direction. In case of raw-materials, they could always be stored in the South-western corners. Heavy machinery and light machinery must be placed in the Northern or Eastern direction. These products should never be kept in the centre of the building. Tube-well must always be kept in the North-eastern direction. This particular area must be kept clean and well-lit. All kinds of overhead tanks must be positioned towards the South-western zones. You could also consider placing raw-materials towards the western direction. The staff quarters will and must fit towards the South-eastern or North-western direction. All kinds of lawn and landscapes must be positioned towards the Eastern or Northern direction.

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