Vaastu Advice for Restaurant

Vaastu Advice for Restaurant

Vaastu Advice for Restaurant  Vaastu Advice for Restaurant

Vastu is an ancient science accepted by majority of the people across the Indian boundaries. Since centuries the concept is effectively enervating negativities from human life and giving space to positive energy. It involves a spectrum of norms and principles that work in association with five basic elements of universe to create a perfect environment for a fulfilling life.

Further to that, vastu connects our existence with the environment and influences our lives to a great extent. Not only individuals but business are also accepting the cosmic science and are following the rules of constructing their establishments. Like other businesses, hospitality industry is also experiencing great success with its dependence on vastu. However, there are a few who still ignore the unbound powers of vastu, leading to a downturn in business.

If you wish to venture into the hospitality industry and start your own restaurant or café, then it is of utmost importance to consider the vastu norms. Implementing the same while constructing the layout and designing the structure of your restaurant, will surely take you to the competitive edge. Further to that, it also creates an excellent guest experience that connects the guest with your restaurant for longer.

Some of the most important arrangements include the kitchen, cafeteria, and entrance. These when in compliance to the vastu science do wonders. Following are some of the most helpful advices for restaurants:

• The restaurant should have a pleasing and welcoming entrance. Whatever comes in, whether guest, success, prosperity, negativities, positive energies, failure, or wealth, comes through the entrance. Hence, the entrance should be in the East or North to keep away all negativities.

• The premises should be adorned with beautiful plants, shrubs, fountains, and small trees to give a pleasing look to the surrounding.

• All the seating arrangement should also be done harmoniously with the vastu norms. The customers dining in the restaurant should be facing East or West direction.

• Tables should be preferably square or rectangular in shape with soft rounded corners.

• Kitchen of a restaurant should be placed in the South East corner to ensure tasty and mouth-watering food items tempting the guests.

• Cold storage or refrigerator should be positioned in the West direction.

• Color combination used for the walls and other décor of the restaurant also should be in accordance to vastu. There should be an inspiring combination of warm colors like orange, yellow, creams, and brown to keep the guest mood live and thrilling.

• Reception should be designed in the North direction and the cashier should be facing towards the East or North.

• Storage room for all raw materials and grains should be ideally placed in South West corner.

• All electronic equipments in the restaurant should be ideally placed in the South East corner.

Just a little bit of knowledge from these helpful vastu advices, you can certainly create milestones with your restaurant business.

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