Vaastu Advice for Rooms

Vaastu Advice for Rooms

Vaastu Advice for Rooms

Vaastu Advice for Rooms

Vaastu Shastra is an important factor while deciding the structure of a bedroom since the alignment with the natural electromagnetic radiations should be perfect for the purpose a bedroom is used for- relaxing. If the bedroom has been designed according to the Vaastu, it has been scientifically proven that the brain waves are found to be in a relaxed state. Additionally, it has been a belief that if the bedroom is perfect according to the traditional Vaastu, money inflow would take place. Here are some advices which might help one while designing a bedroom.

 Vaastu for the Master Bedroom

The bedroom which belongs to the owner of the house is known as the master bedroom. According to Vaastu Shastra, the master bedroom should occupy the south- west portion of the house since the direction reflects the heaviness of mother earth. It should be noted that this direction is reserved for the master bedroom only. Strict care should be taken so that no other room takes the place.

Placement of the Bed

The bed is the heart and soul of a bedroom and is the first thing that is noticed inside a bedroom. A bed should also follow the rules of Vaastu Shastra. According to the Shastra, the bed should be carved exclusively out of wood, should be at least four feet away from the wall and should never be placed right in front of the bedroom entrance. The bed should be in a rectangular shape and there should not be any beam passing over it. The quality of wood used for the bed should be good and it should not provide any creaking noise. The bedroom should be designed with soothing paintings and relieving colors. 

Additional Vaastu Considerations for Bedroom

The cupboard should be in the south/ west or south-west direction. The floor of the bedroom should not be broken up into pieces. To ensure this, laminating the floor would be an excellent option. It should also be noted that if a bedroom has a double bed, there should be only one mattress for it. AC, TV and other electronic equipments find their place in the south-east corner of the bedroom. While sleeping, the master bedroom should not be in a pitch dark condition. At least there should be a night bulb glowing, which is a mark of the master showing light to the family in dark times. To ensure that the owner of the house has a higher standard than the rest of the family, the flooring in the master bedroom should be higher than that in the regular bedrooms.  The entrance to the bedroom should be in the north-east corner.

Failing to observe the common rules of Vaastu Shastra can lead to irregular health, unwanted tension or lack of peace of mind. The bedroom should be designed as per the guidelines to enjoy the pleasure to its fullest.

Vaastu Advice for the Bathroom

The Vaastu Shastra is an amazing combination of belief and science which has been regarded as the most efficient way of designing different rooms of a house. When this is taken into account, the design for bathroom is also taken in consideration since it is the most important portion of any house. The bathroom is essentially used for keeping oneself clean and hygienic and getting rid of the wastes. The bathroom is not bounded as strictly by the rules of the Vaastu as other rooms, but still, there are still some rules which need to be adhered in order to get the most out of this ancient science of architecture and design. Ideally, the bathroom should not occupy the living region inside a house. It should be out of the house. 

Here are some Vaastu advices when you wish to design your bathroom structure.

Location of the Bathroom

The bathroom, as said, should be located outside the house without any direct connection to it. If it is to be built inside the house, it can ideally be built in any direction- east, west, north or south. The bathroom floor should be depressed if it is in the north or east direction. If it is in the remaining two directions, it is advised that the flooring of the bathroom should be elevated when compared to the rest of the house. In the first case, the structure of the windows should be as large as possible while in the event of a bathroom in the south or west direction, the windows should be in the same direction and should be smaller in size. Cleanliness should be maintained since a bathroom is the only area in the house which attracts the guests at first. Cleanliness is next to godliness and it applies perfectly in the case of a bathroom.

Doors, Pipes and Corners

Taps and mirror should be on the northern side of a bathroom. In case a geyser is also required, it should be fitted in the south east corner of the bathroom. Bath tubs are essentially provided the north eastern portion of a bathroom. The used clothes should be hung in the western side of the bathroom so as to enable the infrared radiations of the sun to kill the bacteria. As with the other rooms, the color combination of the bathroom should be very light and relaxing. White or sky blue shade is always preferred. When it comes to the slope of the floor, it is good for the house if the water flows into the north east side of the bathroom. So the slopes should be due north and east. Along with the geyser, the provision of the wash-basin is in the north eastern direction.

Vaastu Shastra application in case of a bathroom is not much complicated and just requires the understanding of a few points such as the location of the taps, mirrors and bath tubs. Additionally, to ensure that the dirty water does not get into the house, the slope should be engineered properly too.

Vaastu Advice for the Pooja Room

Vaastu Shastra has become the most important aspect of room designing during recent times due to the scientifically proved effects it has on the life of the individual concerned. The whole science of Vaastu Shastra is based on the principle of electromagnetic interference and coherence. The right amount of alignment and deviation for the electromagnetic lines of force surrounding the earth has been extensively described by the Vaastu Shastra, originally practiced by the Indian royal families. Vaastu Shastra applies to the whole structure of the house and when one is concerned about the most sacred area of the house- the pooja room, some important things should be noted in order to get the most out of one’s faith and find peace of mind. It has been observed on a large scale that due to the decrease of time and space, people are forgetting the importance of the almighty in our day to day lives and hence, the pooja room often gets ignored due to non-availability of space. This might lead to an unseen disruption of mental and physical balance. Here are some of the Vaastu tips and advices which can come handy while deciding the structure of a pooja room.

Location of the Pooja Room

The location of the pooja room is responsible for the absorption of positive energies and deflection of negative energy which surrounds us in the universe. The pooja room should be in the North/ east or the North-east direction of the house. Never ever should a bedroom or a bathroom be built adjacent to the pooja room. Cleanliness should be a must while entering into the sacred place One should not enter the room without washing hands and legs properly.

Idols in the Pooja Room

If Vaastu Shastra is to be followed strictly, there should be no idols in the pooja room. But if it is a personal desire to idolize God, care should be taken that the height of the idol is somewhere in between two to nine inches. It should also be made sure that the feet of the idol are exactly at the chest of the person sitting in front of it. Particular care should be taken to ensure that nothing is kept above the idol of God.

Additional Vaastu Considerations for Pooja Room

The vessels used in the pooja room should be made up of copper.  It should always be neat and clean. It is always advisable to have a tulsi plant in the pooja room since it is regarded as the most sacred of all herbs. The room should be simple and the walls should be elegantly colored with light paint, preferably white or sky blue. One should not sleep in the pooja room as it is exclusively for the supreme power. If sleeping in the pooja room becomes a necessity, the idols should be kept in the highest of all places in the room and should be covered at night. One can pray by uncovering the deity.

Vaastu Advice for the Locker Room

Vaastu Shastra is the science of designing the various parts of a house, i.e. the room design, direction and the shape, keeping in view the natural electromagnetic wave cycle of the earth and the impact it has on humans. Every room should be built as per the Vaastu advised for it. Disregarding the basic Vaastu advices might lead to impatience, irritability, unwanted tension and many mental, physical and financial downs. A house, in general has a master bedroom, bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. But one more thing not to forget while going for a Vaastu perfect home is the locker room. A locker room is a specific area which takes the least space in a house while keeping in possession the most important thing- the cash and . Unlike older times, when joint families used to live peacefully and in harmony, the present joint family, which has opted to discard the need for Vaastu, has many problems and suffers from clashes and conflicts. This is one of the most important reasons for the exponential increase in the number of families opting for a Vaastu perfect house.

The locker rooms should be strictly designed as per the Vaastu advised for it since it also is a shelter for valuable things, like cash and gold. In fact, the locker room today is being extensively used to store treasures and valuable things. The most important part of the locker room is the locker. It is the most guarded object in the house because it protects and supports the financial condition of the house. 

Here are some tips which could be useful when deciding for a perfect locker room:

•The locker should always be facing the northern direction. It should be located in the south east direction but should open due north. It should be concealed from the guests and relatives coming into the house and should be standing on a strong foundation. The locker room is an important area which should not be treated as the rooms of the house. It should be kept clean because according to belief, finance becomes stronger in places which are kept clean.

•A mirror should be placed in the rooms so that a reflection of the money can be seen. Avoid keeping idols in the room.

•In case the height of the room becomes a concern, it should be of the same height as the other rooms. 

Vaastu Shastra is as important for the locker room as it is for the rest of the house. It is important to get a perfectly designed house and stay happy while taking every possible benefit from nature. The locker room is indeed the most protected room in the house and by adding the essence of the ancient science of architecture to it; it becomes less vulnerable to the negative energy which usually surrounds money. Placing the almirahs is an option which might be considered while designing the locker room.

Vaastu Advice for the Dining Room

Vaastu has been gaining prominence to a large extent primarily due to ancestral depiction of values and traditions. This age old science has helps people to observe some kind of a harmonious setting in their habitat. The process of vaastu can be dated back to the period of Vedas. This is the primary reason people acknowledge vaastu shastra as a science that existed and was followed with ancient architecture too.

Today Vaastu is firstly considered important before buying any property. Builders are known to design houses considering vaastu as an important note.

Vaastu Advice for Dining Room

This will ensure that the food cooked at your homes will have a positive effect on your health and family. The Vaastu advice for dining room has to follow certain rules and measurements. Hence your architect or designer will ensure that the location is selected perfectly thereby taking care of your health. The dining table will have to be placed properly; electronic gadgets will have to be properly plugged. 

Vaastu advice for dining room will also include perfect manner of eating and proper planning of facing while eating food. The perfect direction for setting the dining room will be perhaps the southern or western direction. In case you would like to place a refrigerator inside the kitchen then position it towards the southeast direction. Ideally kitchen is the place to have your meals. However sometimes it becomes impossible due to lack of space. Hence never face southwards while eating food. Facing southwards will create unnecessary stomach infections, indigestion and bowel problems. Vaastu advice for dining room will also cover the washbasin. The washbasin should be placed towards the right hand side of the dining room. This means it will be placed towards the eastern side or northwest corners. The dining table should never stick to the wall. In case it is unavoidable, then face them towards south or west. At no point should it stick towards the northeast corner. 

Vaastu advice for dining room also includes decoding the shape of dining table. You are required to select a square or a rectangle for the room. In case you prefer the round contemporary table, you could put the same. You should also try to manage the kitchen and dining room at one particular corner. Sometimes people have a small partition like a window to exchange foods. You could always ask your concerned vaastu expert to plan the area properly and suggest you for the same.  

Another Vaastu advice for dining room would be that at least one member of the family should eat food facing the eastern direction. The other members of the family should take the south, west and northern directions. All of this should be harmoniously done or else it might lead to unnecessary fights. If you can make use of paintings and nature portraits, it might just deck up the whole atmosphere. You could also paint your walls in pink colour or sometimes orange.  The family must also spend maximum time around the dining table to solve any unpredictable problems. Family members are requested not to speak about the weaknesses of any particular member while sitting on the dining table. 

Eating Habits

Television is also an integral part of every dining room. Vaastu advice on dining room does cover television in a broad manner. It seems that television kills most of the conversation. Hence parents are often requested to have meals with their children and spend quality time accordingly. You could also plan a separate room for washing clothes or utensils besides your dining room. The other Vaastu advice for dining room would be by not crowding the dining room with unnecessary furniture. You must never have a toilet attached to the dining room as this might lead to health problems. 

Vaastu Advice for the Guest Room

The Truth about Vaastu 

Vaastu is an ancient form of structuring houses and planning directions. It has been related or associated with most architectural spaces. The aim to introduce this was to preserve and manage human welfare. The knowledge put together on decoding Vaastu depends on wealth, health, family and mental peace. This has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. Most early dwellings were planned based on Vaastu Shastra. This has been the main reason for understanding happiness and constructing certain rules in a habitat. Vaastu Shastra had a strong point mentioning joint family to be the core for happiness. 

Guest Room Necessities

Every member prefers to organize a guestroom in their house. Bigger houses will design a separate room for the guests. The guest room gives your guest the privacy they need while they visit your place. This also avoids any kind of crowd or room alterations. Most guestrooms would be located away from the main master bedroom or the living room. The guestroom should definitely exhibit a feeling of calmness and peace. Your guest needs to be felt content with the atmosphere. 

Vaastu for the Guest Room

The perfect Vaastu advice for guest room can be obtained only by a trained and experienced priest. He or she would be in a position to explain you minute details. However, today with respect to globalization and western mix of influences, Vaastu details are available everywhere. Ideally, the guestroom should face the Northwest region of the corner of any house. The bed inside the guest room should also face the southern or western part of the house. Most electronic items in the room must also face the Southeast wall. The bathroom should also not be exactly opposite to the bed. Most people might give a Vaastu advice for guest room indicating absence of beam over the bed area. The cabinets inside the room must always face the Western zone or at the most the Southern zone. Most architects will take help of Vaastu Shastra while planning or designing floor plans. Some of them might give you in-depth insights on the analysis of the room. The Vaastu advice for guest room includes patterns that depict worshipping guests and considering them as Gods. 

Other points based on Vaastu Shastra

The guest room must always have a bathroom attached as that is the ideal way to preserve his or her privacy. At no point should he or she need to come out. Vaastu advice for guest room is always important as eventually you are known by the way you maintain their safety and privacy. The Guest room should always have the door opening from the right hand side. 

You must always provide the window at the northeast corner so that it gels with the vaastu of the entire house. In case Northeast becomes difficult to implement you could shift it to the west direction too. All these amendments must be incorporated after consulting an expert in Vaastu Shastra. Also remember that there are always certain options available in case your house is not planned in a proper layout. These days it becomes difficult to implement rooms according to needs as space is a major constraint. Hence it is always advisable to clear your queries before setting up your entire house. The most important Vaastu advice for guest room would be pleasing the guests by painting the walls in a fresh warm colour that might lift up their moods. The room should have fruits or dry snacks kept as this might keep their taste buds in control and they might not feel like grubbing. 

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