Vaastu Advice for School

Vaastu Advice for School

Vaastu Advice for School Vaastu Advice for School

The school is the first place after a home where a child learns and inculcates knowledge. Schools teach children to be responsible and venture bravely in this competitive world. The foundation of an early education begins in a school. Hence, the first thing to note is that God dwells in every school. The process of imparting knowledge begins at school which later on gets carried forward in life. This makes Vaastu an important requirement at schools. Vaastu Shastra consists of elements that create positive cosmic energies, which make the whole place alluring and pleasing for young minds.

The perfect ambience can be understood only after scanning the land and areas around the school. Some of the basic requirements of Vaastu can enable a school to enjoy maximum students and carry forward the art of teaching and imparting knowledge. Vaastu advice for schools requires understanding the entrance of knowledge. This entrance could be planned towards the Northern or Eastern direction. Both these directions are considered to an auspicious beginning. Secondly every school must accommodate a temple or prayer room. This room must also be built towards the North-eastern direction. This shall bring in energy to help students concentrate well in their studies. Vaastu advice for schools also covers the positioning of classrooms. All class rooms must either face North or east. The children should also face the respective directions. There needs to be provision for enough ventilation. If possible, build larger windows that would help light to penetrate throughout the day. This would help students to concentrate and not feel sleepy. All ventilators must be built towards the Northern or Eastern directions. Most schools will make use of electrical meters and generators. They must be positioned towards the Southern zone. Hygiene is also a vital consideration in schools as you would not want kids to suffer or fall sick. Hence build all toilets towards the North-western corner.

The cafeterias, kitchen, pantry could be positioned towards the South-eastern direction. Kids must be seated towards the Eastern directions this would help in easy digestion and food getting absorbed slowly. At no point should kids be required to stand and eat. There needs to be enough seating arrangement done. The administration room can be positioned towards the Eastern or Northern direction. Vaastu advice for schools also includes positioning staff room towards the North-western direction. The playgrounds can be planned towards the North-eastern, Northern or Eastern directions. These directions help kids to prosper and enjoy extra-curricular activities. The library can also be positioned towards the Western direction. This room should be kept clean and uncluttered. The reception or cashier corner can be positioned at Eastern or Northern end respectively. Lastly, it is important to understand the benefit of Vaastu as school is a place of worship and kids need to get the right foundation.

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