Vaastu Advice for Stairs

Vaastu Advice for Stairs

Vaastu Advice for StairsVaastu Advice for Stairs

Stairs are very important part of a house and as per the Vastu Shastra, need to be given ample importance with regard to their placement. Usually it is seen that people do not bother about the direction and place of the stairs, which is extremely necessary in terms of Vastu. While constructing a house, staircase should be placed at proper location and in the right direction. This is because if the stairs are not Vastu compliant, the same may bring ill effects on people living in the house. Well risers and steps of stairs play a significant role in bringing the right aura to the house, so Vastu principles become all the more important during such constructions.

According to Vastu, the stairs of a house should be towards the South or West direction. Staircase is considered a heavy structure, thus it is advised that you should locate it in negative zone such as South or West. While constructing your house, you should always remember that the stairs should rise from East to West or from North to South. It is most vital to consider that the stairs are not emerging from the center of the house.

Vastu is a science, so, behind every guideline there is logic and specific reason. Here are some vastu advices to follow and reasons behind it:

1. The stairs should be in the South or West side of the house: It is not advisable to build stairs on the North-East side, the reason behind this is that this side should be left open so that the early morning sun rays enter the house spreading positive rays. If the stairs arise from this side they will block the sunlight.

2. You should not have an internal stairs in the corner or the centre of the house: The reason behind this concept is that if the internal stairs are at the corner of a house then the room from where it is accessed becomes difficult to be used properly. In the same manner if the stairs are at the centre of the house, it may restrict proper usage of space.

3. There should be odd number of risers: Usually most of the people are right handed, so they put their right foot first when climbing any stair. Thus at the end of the stair it is preferred that they end on the right foot.

4. You should avoid spiral or circular stairs: It is known that building a circular staircase takes up and also wastes a lot of space. Besides, in case of spiral staircase it is quite uncomfortable to step and the same is also not safe. And the space below cannot be used properly.

5. You should not prefer any room under a staircase: Usually it is seen that people construct small rooms, like a store or puja room, under the stairs. It is not considered a wise decision as whenever someone uses the stairs, the person using these rooms gets disturbed.

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