Vaastu Advice for the Toilet

Vaastu Advice for the Toilet

Vaastu Advice for the ToiletVaastu Advice for the Toilet

A toilet completes the house. It is the one and only region which attracts almost everybody as soon as they enter the house. The sanitary conditions prevailing in one’s bathroom gives a brief insight of the character of a person and the family background. This is one of the foremost reasons why many people ask for the bathroom upon entering a foreign house. Even if the house is magnificent, an untidy bathroom can spoil the prestige in a few moments. It is advisable to design the toilet according to the Vaastu because it the place where one undergoes the self cleaning process and in order to get a healthy mind and body, the right structure should be adapted.

Following are the advices and the methods by which you can design a Vaastu perfect toilet:

Position of the Toilet

Ideally, the toilet must be positioned in the north-west direction. If this is not possible, the other alternative is south east. Only these two directions are suitable for positioning the toilet in a house. It should be outside the house but in case it is required inside the house, the above guidelines should be followed. In no case should a toilet be constructed in the north east and the east directions. Avoid centralizing the toilet. It should not be in the middle of the house. It should be at a considerable distance from the dining room and the kitchen.

Windows and Doors in the Toilet

If there are two windows in the toilet, the larger of the two should be in the north and the smaller one should be in west. Coming to the door, eastern side is considered as auspicious for the door or the entrance. Proper care should be taken to drain water out of the toilet. The slope should be due north and east so that the waste water flows in the north east direction. The choice of the paint color is also important. Heavy shades such as red, black and green should be avoided. Lighter shades such as white are desirable.

Sanitary Conditions inside a Toilet

A toilet room is where we shed the wastes of our body. Hence, it is bound to be less hygienic than the rest of our rooms. But it is our duty to keep it as hygienic as possible. A clean toilet does not host harmful bacteria which might otherwise cause dreadful diseases and infections. By keeping the toilet dry, we can reduce the chances of it being habituated by bacteria to a minimum. The water storage facility in the toilet should be in the eastern side.

The toilet should be elevated about a foot from the ground and should be properly cleaned. Care should be taken that applying Vaastu tips does not hamper the privacy of the individual in any way. It is preferred to use vitrifies tiles as the walls of the bathroom, but any light colored paint would also do.










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