Vaastu for Multi-Storey Building

Vaastu for Multi-Storey Building

Vaastu for Multi-Storey Building Vaastu for Multi-Storey Building

Vaastu Shastra is an important element in every house. You cannot expect to have a successful life if you build your house in any format. Today architects and designers do follow the essentials of Vaastu Shastra. They build houses basis these requirements. You might find it difficult to construct houses or zones after considering all the perfect locations. It might get difficult to construct areas via perfect assigned directions. You will have to wonder about couple of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen in a multi storey apartment.

You might tend to re-arrange the directions and might faultier sometimes. In case of multi-storey apartments kindly follow these guidelines. The flats must be built in a rectangular or square format. This means each house must be built in a rectangular format. All bathrooms must be located in the North-east direction. There needs to be a separate corner away from the bathrooms for temples. The kitchens in all apartments must be planned in the South-east direction. The kitchen must never be close to a bathroom or the temple. The second kitchen in any room could be planned towards the North-west direction. You could position your master bedroom towards the South-western direction. All other beds can be placed towards the eastern or north-western direction. The centre area of your room must always be kept free. It should never be cluttered with toys or goods. All flats must have windows and ample ventilation towards the Northern and Eastern direction. The store room in any multi-storey apartment should be placed towards the South-west direction. All main gates should open from the inside of the room. The gates should be in sliding format. The main gate of your building should be placed in the South-west direction.

The tube well must also be placed in the eastern, northern or north-east direction. All kinds of water resources must be placed towards the north-east direction only. All open spaces in the building must be positioned towards the western, eastern and southern direction. The overhead tank must also be positioned towards the south-western direction. The drainage of this multi-story apartment needs to be channeled towards the north-western or south-western direction. The parking for vehicles in a complex with multi-storey apartments must be planned towards the mid-northern or western direction.

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