Vastu Tips for Office

Vastu Tips for Office

Vastu Tips for Office

Vastu Tips for Office

Vaastu for office is equally important as vaastu for home as almost half a day a man spends at work. The interior and the atmosphere within should be pleasing and comfortable so as to keep positive vibes flowing freely. Majority of the people in the present day are opting to choose the vaatu way for building and creating their dream offices.

This is to ensure smooth running operations and to bring in constant flow of wealth and success.

When constructing a new office or planning to revamp the structure of your office, it is important you place trust on the benefits of vaastu. Since years, people have been following the trend and implementing the varied rules of vaastu so as to give birth to a completely balanced state of mind and health. When the same is applied to your offices, it is sure to work wonders.

Vaastu is believed to be associated with the five elements of nature – Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air. Each of these elements has its own significance in the actual composition of the universe, leaving a unique impact when harmonized with vaastu principles. All these elements are given certain placements and if placed appropriately, can enhance growth and prosperity of your company.

To get an insight into the elements of universe and their placements according to

vastu, scan the guidelines below:


 All water bodies including fountains, tubewells, aquariums, pools, and water dispensers are ruled by the ‘Water’ element. All these water sources should be placed in the North East direction for most effective results in terms of monetary benefits and constant growth.



 All electronic gadgets like transformers, generators, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, inverters, and power houses are ruled by the energies from the ‘Fire’ element. These equipments should be most suitably placed in the South East to aim for happiness, monetary gains, and healthy relationships between employees.



 rules the sources permitting air flow like windows, ventilators, doors, exhaust, elevators, and lifts. The most suitable and fruitful direction of air flow should be from the North East. Hence, all these sources should be positioned in a way that air sweeps in from the North East direction bringing along peace and prosperity.



 The ‘Sky’ element takes care of space utilization in office. Every space should be well utilized for the best results. There should be enough open space in the interior of the office so that it can get enough sunlight and cross-ventilation to reap monetary benefits as well as health comforts. Further to that, huge trees, pillars, and posts should be removed from the visible way to avoid any kind of obstruction.



 The ‘Earth’ element is basically attributed to the main construction of the office building including the depression and elevation. Shape of the plot should be equal from all ends, most suitably should be square or rectangle. The entire plot and the construction map should be in compliance to the guiding vaastu principles to add to the affluence of your business.

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