What are Five Elements of Nature ?

What are Five Elements of Nature ?

What are Five elements of nature ?

The five elements in nature are represented by chakras in the human body, the spinal column, chakra as energy centers are contact points between the psychic and the physical body. There are two other chakras which together form seven chakras. These five elements are like this:

1) Ether – Visudha (throat)

2) Air – Anahata(heart)

3) Water – Manipura(nave)

4) Fire – Svadisthana( sex organ)

5) Earth – Muladhara( anus)

These symbols are necessary in the practice of kundalini yoga in Tantrism. There is Ajna chakra, the Third Eye represents consciousness. In meditation this is one of the spots for concentration, in order to open it into full consciousness and to develop yogic vision. The Sahasrara chakra is on the top of head, the seat of the mind or pure consciousness. It is the seat of Shiva, the male principle. When Shakti joins Shiva here a transcendental mystical event is experienced. This is the spot where divine spark, when it rises up from the heart and finally settles. This is what monks and yogis strive to see for self realization.

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