12 Mukhi Rudraksh

12 Mukhi Rudraksh

’12 Mukhi’ Rudraksh or ‘Dwadash’ Rudraksh symbolizes the powerful deity ‘surya’ or the Sun God, that is why it is sometimes called, ‘Surya Rudraksh’ too. It has 12 natural lines on its surface, dividing it into twelve equal halves. The wearer is blessed by the divine powers of the Sun God who impart qualities like its own to the wearer. One is blessed with a stronger aura and an even stronger personality which comes from inner strength.  It also helps in negating the ill effects of someone suffering from the malefic effect of Sun in his/her horoscope. It helps a person in improving his/her administrative qualities and thus is recommended as a must wear by those who are involved in politics, administration and other kind of leadership related work. The wearer is bestowed with virtues such as radiance, luster, brilliance, wit, wisdom, intellectual knowledge, patience, mental peace like the Sun God. The wearer receives immense inner strength and confidence and is ready to take on the world hands down. This astonishingly effective Rudraksh is rare to find and is sure to bless its wearer. One is not only blessed enough to attain all possible worldly pleasures and materialistic items, but also achieves a sense of great power which come from the submission of people around the wearer.

The wearer before choosing the ‘Rudraksh’ can check whether the bead is genuine or not by simply immersing it in a glass full of water for an hour. After taking it out, if the water in the glass remains transparent and without any worms, and also the bead remains absolutely solid, it should be worn by the devotee.

What is the ‘Beej mantra’ that should be chanted by the one wearing ’12 Mukhi’ Rudraksh?

The mantra is as follows: “Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namah”. Along with it the devotee should also chant “Om Namah Shivaye”and “Om Suryaye Namah” to seek blessings from both Lord Shiva and the Sun God.

The benefits of wearing ’12 Mukhi’Rudraksh:

  • The wearer gets protection from wild animals as well as armed individuals.
  • The wearer becomes fearless and brave. He is in the position to take decisions independently and make sure he follows the correct path with a strong will power.
  • ’12 Mukhi’ Rudraksh is said to possess the combined power of 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’.
  • Any person suffering from the malefic effects of Sun God should wear this Rudraksh to eliminate the effects of his past sins.
  • The wearer of the Rudraksh becomes brilliant, intelligent, energetic and strong.
  • The ones who are wearing this Rudraksh gets cured if they are suffering from diseases such as defects in the eyes, bone related diseases, mental anxiety and heart ailments.
  • Those who are suffering from family related issues such as problems with their elders also should wear this Rudraksh in order to sort out the disharmony in families.
  • It is helpful in case one is suffering from diseases such as Osteoporosis, Mental Disability, Rickets, anxiety issues etc.
  • The wearer leads a happier, healthier and wealthier life as one bounds to lead a suspicion free life, free from any kind of confusion or fear.
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