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Aishwarya Ganapati

Aishwarya Ganapati

Aishwarya GanapatiAishwarya Ganapati

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is known as the remover of obstacles and he is prayed in the beginning of all poojas. Lord Ganesha is prayed when any auspicious work is started. he is worshipped in other forms like Budhhi Ganapati for obtaining knowledge, Sankata Nashana Ganapati who removes obstacles, Vidya Ganapati who is prayed for success in exams. Lord Ganesha is also known as the presiding deity of Astrology.

Lord Ganesh is said to have written Mahabrata when sage Veda Vyasa was reciting it. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. He is known with the name Vigneshwara, Lord of obstacles for both spiritual and material order.

Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity for learning and letters. He is known as Buddhi Ganapathi meaning giver of Buddhi or knowledge.

As per Kundalini yoga, Lord Ganesha dwells in the first or basic energy centre known as muladhara chakra. Chakra are the energy centres in the body and there are severn energy chakras in the human body. Lord Ganesha provides the foundation or base for our living and guides other energy chakras to perform.

Lord Subramanya is the brother of Lord Ganesha. They both live with their parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on Mount Kailash.

Every pooja in a Hindu household commences with the pooja to Lord Ganesha. There are several temples devoted to Lord Ganesha in India.

Every Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada masa of the lunar calendar. Ganesh idols are erected in public places and pooja is done for ten days. It ends with the immersion of the idols in the nearby water source. Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated as a communal festival in India. In states like Maharashtra, it is a very big festival in which persons belonging to various classes of society participate in the festivities. Youth of the locality collect funds and arrange puja pandals. They decorate the pandal with flowers, lights and other decorative items. Several cultural and devotional programmes are organized.

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We perform various Ganesha poojas in your name and with your sankalapa.


icon31. Ganesha Pooja: This pooja is done for general well being and removing all evils. Prana Prathista of the diety is done and shodasopacharas are performed with the prescribed asta dravyas and Ganesh Namavali is recited.

 2. Ganapati Homam: Ganesh pooja is done in the prescribed way and 1008 namavali japa of Lord Ganesha is done for 1008 times. purnahuti and shanti mantras end the pooja.

3. Aishwarya Ganapati Homam: For seeking success in business ventures, this homam is advised. 1008 namavalai japa of Aishwarya Ganapati is performed. For increasing the japa number, the rates are different for different combinations. This pooja is done in your name and with your specific wish. It is supposed to bring lot of good luck and prosperity to the devotees.

The homam can be of various levels:

1008 Namavali japa and homam : Cost: Rs3400/- Book Now

54000 Namavali japa and homam: Cost: Rs.44000/- Book Now

100,000 Namavali japa and homam: Cost: Rs.100,000/- Book Now