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Aishwarya Lakshmi

Aishwarya Lakshmi

Aishwarya LakshmiAishwarya Lakshmi

icon2Lakshmi is considered to be the Goddess of wealth, riches and prosperity. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu and assists hem whenever he takes an avatar to punish the demons. She is also known as Mahalakshmi who brings good luck and protects her devotees.

Lakshmi is called Sri as she has been endowed with six divine and auspicious qualities.


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Devas and suras wanted to attain immortality. They were advised by Lord Vishnu to churn the ocean of milk for procuring amrit or nectar for immortality. Devas and asuras requested Mount Mandhara to be the churning rod and serpent Vasuki to be the churning rope. They pleaded Lord Vishnu to carry Mount Mandhara on his back. Lord Vishnu readily accepted and took the form of a tortoise or kurma. It is one of the avataras of Lord Vishnu among dasavataras or ten avataras. When the devas and asuras were churning the ocean of milk for obtaining nectar, several things emerged from the ocean. Goddess Lakshmi, moon, Kamadhenu, Lord Dhanvantari came out from the ocean. Goddess Lakshmi is known to exist all the time. She only has manifested herself in the form of Lakshmi. Lord Dhanvantari is the physician of the devas and he brought a pot of amrit along with him.

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Different names

Lakshmi has other names like Kamala, Padma, Padma priya, Padmamukhi, Padmahasta, Padmasundari. Vishnupriya, Ulkavahini, Padmini, Punyagandha, Nandika, Samruddhi, narayani, Shreya etc.

She is also worshipped in her eight forms known as ashta lakshmi.

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icon3We perform several Lakshmi poojas for seeking wealth, success in business , prosperity etc.

1. Lakshmi Pooja: This pooja is performed on a Thursday or a Friday. Shodasopachara poojas, recitation of lakshmi namavali and Sri sooktam are done. You can request the pooja to be done in your name and with your specific wish.

2. Lakshmi kubera Homam: Kubera is known are the celestial treasurer of Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping Kubera and Lakshmi are supposed to bestow success in business and procure wealth.

In this pooja, Ganesh and Kalasha pooja are performed. They are followed by Navagraha homam and Dasa Dikpalaka homam. Kubera moola mantra and Lakshmi moola mantra are also chanted for 1008 times. later a homam is performed.

3. Lakshmi Sri Sukta Homam: This pooja and homam are performed by four pundits. They will recite 1008 X 4 times Sri sooktam and Lakshmi namavali. Homam is performed for the 1/10th number of recitals. The speciality of this homam is, a lotus flower dipped in honey is offered to Goddess Lakshmi through the sacred fire. This homam is recommended for overall prosperity. It will be done in your name and with your specific desire.

Cost for 10,000 recitals and homam: Rs.10000/-

Cost for 27,000 recitals and homam: Rs.39,000/-

Cost for 54,000 recitals and homam: Rs 59,000/-

Cost for 100,000 recitals and homam: Rs.100,000/-

For specific poojas related to Dhana Lakshmi, VIdya Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Aishwarya Lakshmi and Vijaya Lakshmi, the cost is as mentioned above.

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