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Birth Chart Dosha Removal

Birth Chart Dosha Removal

The best way to get Birth Chart Dosha removed is by praying to Lord Shiva

birth-chart-dosha-removalSignificance of Pujas performed for Lord Shiva

It is said that Lord Shiva is the most easily accessible god through Pujas and mantras of all the Hindu deities. He is the creator and the destroyer as well and has given 64 yatras to the world to obtain various siddhis and objectives. He is also the presiding deity of the holy Himalayas and seven of the nine planets have Lord Shiva as their ruling deity.

The Rudram hymn that is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva removes all sins and gives one what he desires. It is commonly used in all homas and is also the best remedy for all health problems. He grants wishes and pleases people even with simple prayers.

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Pujas performed in praise of Lord Shiva:

1. 108 Shiva Pooja: Pooja is performed with flowers and coconut for Shiva Linga with recitals of 108 Namavalis of him.

Cost of the pooja: Rs 1001/-

2. 1008 Shiva Pooja: same as shiva pooja, but archana is performed with 1008 shiva namavalis.

Cost: Rs 1351/-

3. 108 Bilva Patra Pooja: the Bilva patra leaves are the favourite for lord Shiva and the pooja is same as shiva pooja but is performed with 108 Bilva leaves.

Cost: Rs 1101/-

4. 1008 Bilva Patra Pooja: the pooja is same as shiva pooja but is performed with 1008 Bilva patras, performed in the name of the client and on his sankalpa.

Cost: Rs 1451/-

5. Maha Shivaratri pooja: Lord shiva consumed the poisonous fumes on this day to save the world. He is at the happiest at this time and grants all success and victory to the people who pray him at this time.

Cost: Rs 2001/-

6. Rudrabhishekam: in this pooja, the lord is worshiped in his Rudra form and is thought to remove all evils and gain prosperity according to the Vedic scriptures. 108 names of shiva and the shivopasana mantra are recited in this pooja to purify the atmosphere

Cost: Rs 2500/-

7. Rudrabhishekam pooja:the pooja is performed with the prescribed ingredients such as honey, curd ghee and milk with chants on the Sri Rudram. The puja wipes out all sins and purifies the atmosphere. It also removes all sorts of planetary doshams.

Cost: Rs 25,000/-

8. Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam pooja: this is a very elaborate pooja to worship all 11 rudras with abhishekam. This is performed by 11 pundits with recitals of Rudram for 11 times.

Cost: Rs 5500/-

9. Rudraikadasini Homam: this is one major homam for Lord shiva and worships all 11 rudras of him. Performed with 11 pundits with recitals of each Rudram eleven times.The puja ends with Shanti Paath and Poornahuti.

Cost: Rs 35,000/-

10. Maha Rudra yagya: this yagya is performed once in a life time to yield the blessings of the Lord. Excellent remedy for all doshas and to deserve all round success in one’s life, performed with 121 pundits.

Cost: Rs 5,00,000/-

11. Atirudram yagya: this is one best and the highest yagyas prescribed by the Vedic Scriptures. This is the ultimate puja one can perform for Lord Shiva. It comprises of 14641 rudra recitals, performed for eleven days. This has been practice since ancient days, where kings performed the yagya for the betterment of their kingdom.

Cost: Depends on the location and time.

12. Santana Parameswara pooja:shiva poja and abhishekam is performed with prescribed materials with recitals of 1008 moola mantras.

Cost: Rs 1500/-

13. Maha Mrutyanjay homam: performed for health and longevity. Recitals of Rudras and maha mrutyajaya mantra are performed.

Cost: depends on the number of recitals and ranges from Rs 9,500 to Rs 85,000/-

14. Yakshma Roga Nivarana homam: Cures skin diseases and disorders. Rigveda is recited 1000 times and Hayan performed 100 times.

Cost: Rs 34,000/-