Pair of Cranes

Pair of Cranes

Pair of CranesPair of Cranes

The crane is one of the most favored of all the birds after the phoenix as a symbol of good fortune. The crane is considered as the patriarch of all feathered creatures and is called as bird of immortality and is symbol of long and smooth life. It brings happiness and harmony into the home. According to Chinese mythology, there are four types of cranes i.e. black, white, yellow and blue. The black crane is said to live the longest i.e. for 600 years.

The flying crane signifies achieving great honors’ and the crane looking upwards signifies wisdom. The best location to keep the crane is in the South which could bring in lot of opportunities and fame. Displaying of white crane ensures harmonious relationship between family members and pair of white cranes in the house is symbolic of unity of patriarch and matriarch and continuation of family. If placed in North-West, it is favorable for the patriarch of family and if placed in the West sector benefits children of the family. It is not advisable to place the crane in toilet or in the kitchen.

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