Cancer Monthly Horoscope For May 2018

“Free Cancer Monthly Horoscope For May 2018″

Cancer Health Horoscope

You can look forward to favourable health remaining quite sound constitutionally during the ensuring month. The stars are quite favourably disposed towards  your  health  affairs.  Even  the  chronic  disorders  like  rheumatism  and digestive complaints like, excess of wind in the system that might have plagued some of you, would give you a welcome respite.

This, of course, does not mean that normal sort of caution should also be abandoned.  You  should  take  the  normal  precautions  and  be  sure  that  nothing serious would bother you at this point of time. Do not be careless in attending to any minor complaint, and you can expect to remain in the pink of health.

Cancer Finance Forecast

There is nothing particularly encouraging about the augury for your financial prospects this month. Most of you would struggle quite hard to realize anticipated objectives, and even then the chances of success are quite poor. There would be a good bit of travel which, too, would generate no significant gains.

Those engaged in any sector of the transport industry would have rough going during this period. They should make allowances for a lean period well in advance. Further, any plans for investment or new enterprises should be shelved for the moment since the climate would not be congenial. The period is not very favourable for your financial prospects and, therefore, you should maintain a low profile and wait for the adverse circumstances to be over.

Cancer Career and Profession Predictions

This month the augury from the stars is quite beneficial for your career prospects. There would be a lot of travel, all of which would be extremely beneficial. The  most  advantageous  direction  would  be  south.  Further,  there  is  a  distinct possibility that good fortune would come to your doorstep through a favour done to you by some member of the female sex.

This person could well be your own mother. Whoever, the person, the fact remains, that this would give your career prospects a big boost. The working climate would  also  be  quite  congenial.  This  would  make  for  a  highly  satisfying  state  of affairs.

Cancer Education Horoscope

Nothing very encouraging in the augury from the stars in so far as your educational prospects are concerned. Technical students may well find themselves working harder than usual for the same objectives. This would also be true of those pursuing dance, drama, music, painting, sculpture, and the other fine arts.

This would primarily be a result of an extremely unhelpful set of circumstances you are likely to face.Further, you must guard against a mental framework that might influence you to become self-assertive or headstrong with your teachers. Those sitting for any competitive examination must also go in for extra coaching.

Cancer Travel Forecast

This month there is every likelihood that you might find yourself travelling here and there without getting any nearer to your objectives since the stars are none too favourably placed. Most of you would travel primarily for business and by rail or by road. This however, might well appear to be a pointless exercise.

Even  the  most  favoured  direction,  i.e.  West,  would  not  bring  any  relief. Some of you would add to your woes by undertaking a trip abroad which too would be far from successful. Some of you may undertake a family holiday which may prove to be wasteful.

Cancer Family Prospects

Nothing particularly favourable about the augury from the stars this month in so far as your family welfare is concerned, since you face a hostile combination of stars.  There  is  a  distinct  possibility  that  some  of  you  would  develop  serious differences with your brother, which might further lead to extremely unpleasant situations. This you must strive to prevent.

Steer  a  course  of  action  away  from  trouble  spots,  and  refuse  to  get provoked into a confrontation. This would call for patience and skill, which should not be beyond you, if you try hard enough. Children may require extra attention, since their performance in studies and other extra-curricular activities would not be up to the mark.

Cancer Children Predictions

Nothing particularly beneficial about the augury from the stars in so far as the prospects for your children are concerned, since the combination of stars facing you is none too favourable. There is a distinct possibility that the children of at least a  few  among  you  will  have  serious  quarrels  with  some  elderly  people.  Their behaviour towards elders may not be very respectful by and large.

In  fact,  this  might  call  for  firm  handling  in  some  cases.  Those  with  an aptitude for practical work and those involved in some technical trades or apprenticeship, would fare quite well during the coming month.

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