Capricorn Love Sign Compatibility – Matches for Capricorn

Are you really sure about Capricorn Love Sign Compatibility? Anyhow Capricorns are very responsible lovers and fun loving person.



CAPRICORN AND ARIESThere is more likely to be a clash of personalities than an instant attraction. With Aries, “now” is too late because of his impulsiveness, with Capricorn a decade is too soon. The Aries need more dynamism and spontaneity in their lives which can’t be filled by Capricorn. Aries would feel too cramped and Capricorn too stretched.



CAPRICORN AND TAURUSThe Taurus and the Capricorn are both passionate by nature. It is an excellent match for those in their later years. The Taurus is capable of romance and passion but Capricorn’s sexual appetite may not be sufficient for sensual Taurus until maturity in the later years. Nonetheless, pleasure loving Taurus and stable Capricorn represent a good balance. Some of their personality traits’ being common, they both think that time is on their side understand practical and material values and prefer the very best. With a little work, the pairing has very fine prospects for a long and loving relationship.



CAPRICORN AND GEMINIThere may not be natural connection physically or emotionally with these two zodiac signs and the compatibility indications are poor for their long term prospects. The Gemini is a flirt by nature and this would be extremely worrying for the more emotional Capricorn who seek a loyal and faithful partner but they can get on together in business relationships.



CAPRICORN AND CANCERInstead of being polar opposites, they can be pair. In almost all aspects of life, the personality traits of the Cancer and the Capricorn do not match. The Cancer is ruled by their heart whilst the Capricorn is ruled by their head. Being practical and ambitious Capricorns put business before the emotional needs of the Cancer. In order for this partnership to succeed, both will have to make compromises and efforts.



CAPRICORN AND LEOThe personality traits of the Leo don’t match with that of the Capricorn, so things could get a little weird with this duo. However, they can make out good relationship in business rather than in love & romance department. Both of them seek different pleasure and different life from the other. In the long haul, both the individuals need to give each other some space and learn to give in by turns.



CAPRICORN AND VIRGOThe compatibility of this zodiac match is just perfect and highly recommended. Both Virgo and Capricorn are realistic in their approach and have a very level headed personality. The Capricorn prefers to plan much ahead in life whereas the Virgo relies more on efforts and skills. However, together they can achieve almost anything in life. Mutual admiration, respect and Virgo’s adaptability would do much to make this a happy permanent relationship.



CAPRICORN AND LIBRAThe romantic compatibility of the Libra and the Capricorn match depends on how much either of them is willing to adjust. The Libran is an extrovert by nature whereas the Capricorn is more concerned about himself and is quite serious. Here, if the latter is willing to give patience and a wide berth on some of those more social occasions, it could be a decent enough marriage. But before any decision for permanent relationship both should get thorough chart-cast.



CAPRICORN AND SCORPIOBoth the Scorpio and the Capricorn are very sensitive, emotional and they tend to have reserved personality. However, once both of them overcome the initial hesitation, this relationship has all the chances of good and lasting compatibility. But before making any permanent moves, both should dig thoroughly into the practical details of their astrological charts because if both let their worst faults show at the same time, disaster may strike a relationship between them.



CAPRICORN AND SAGITTARIUSTwo entirely opposite individuals, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not very likely to share a very good compatibility in their relationship. Sagittarius is full of fun, play and enthusiasm, while Capricorn is full of practicalities and responsibilities. The former may be too optimistic for the latter and the latter, in turn, may bore the former with his too-serious attitude. A Sagittarius loves to socialize, go to parties and meet new people. On the other hand, a Capricorn loves his home and this is where he likes to spend most of his time. Being acquainted with extremely different personality traits this is a non- recommended match.



CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUSInitially, a Capricorn and an Aquarius can beautifully complement each other. A Capricorn is very practical, impartial, consistent and firm in his approach towards life. An Aquarian is creative, skillful and has the ability to understand the situation. The problem is that they may become so much involved in the other things that they may forget to give due attention to their love relationship and its compatibility. On the personal front, they will require quite a few adjustments. The Aquarius will have to control his ‘friendly’ nature a bit and try to understand the Capricorn’s family ties. The latter will have to bring some adventure and enthusiasm into the relation.



CAPRICORN AND PISCESThe differences between a Capricorn and a Pisces are often more complementing than contrasting. If both of them manage to appreciate the differences between them, they can learn so much each other. The Fish can pass on his sensitivity to the Goat, who can teach him how to convert dreams into reality. Both of them desire security and commitment in a love relationship and will give it very gladly to the other.


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