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Dhanvantari Homam

Dhanvantari Homam

Dhanvantari HomamDhanvantari Homam

icon2Lord Dhanvantari is an avatar of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology. He is also the physician of devas and is known as the God of Ayurvedic medicine. He is depicted with four hands carrying a conch, a pot of nectar, a chakra and a set of leeches. He looks attractive with eyes like a lotus, shines brightly with radiant skin, wears golden yellow clothes. He is said to have emerged from the ocean of milk while devas and demons were churning for procuring nectar.


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icon1Lord Dhanavantari is considered as an avatara of Lord Vishnu. He emerged from the ocean of milk while the devas and asuras were churning for acquiring amrit or nectar. He is known as the physician of the Gods.

As per Charaka Samhita, Ayurveda is an eternal knowledge and is revealed to the humanity in each yuga. Whenever there is requirement, Lord Vishnu incarnates as Lord Dhanvantari.

There is story wherein Lord Dhanvantari is born in the royal household of the King of Kashi.

King Dirghatamas of Benares or Kashi once worshipped and prayed to Lord Dhanavantari. He pleaded him to be born as his son. Lord Dhanvantari was born as the son of King of Kashi. As a young boy he was disciplined and performed several yagyas and austerities. He had several disciples to whom he taught Ayurvedic principles. He had Aurabha, Vaitarana, Pauskalavata and Susruta as his disciples. All his teachings were recorded in Agni Purana.

It should be noted that Ayurvedic principles have never changed since thousands of years as they are derived from the universal laws of nature.

Scriptures mention that whoever remembers the name of Dhanvantari will be released from all diseases. Even today, Lord Dhanvantari is remembered and worshipped by people all over India as the Lord of Medicine. Special pooja is performed two days before Diwali in his honour. Onthat day during dusk, a lamp is lit which faces north at the doorstep of the house and Lord Dhanvantari is welcomed. On his name the day is known as Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi.

In olden times outstanding personnel in the field of Ayurveda were honoured with the title Dhanvantari.

The first Dhanvantari, the avatara of Vishnu is known as Adi-Dhanvantari.

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icon3We perform Dhanvantari homam in your name and with your specific desire for good health of you and your family members.

Dhanavantari Homam: In this pooja, Lord Dhanavantari is prayed and shodasopacharas are done. It is followed by the recitation of purusha suktam and sahasranamavali. Lord Dhanavantari’s moola mantra japam is done. Homam with 1/10th of the japa number is performed. One unique feature about this homam is the offering of several Ayurvedic or medicinal herbs to Lord Dhanavantari.

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