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Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam

Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam

Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam

Ekadasa RudrabhishekamWhat is Abhishekam?

“Abhishekam” is a religious bathing done to the deities. It is an important purification ritual performed in various poojas. Several materials and items are used for the purpose of abhishekam. It can be done with holy water, milk, ghee, curd, honey, rice, other cereals, tulsi leaves, fruit juices, coconut water etc. all these abhishekams are mentioned in the vedic scriptures.

Rudra is supposed to be a fierceful form of Lord Shiva and the abhishekam done to the diety or shiva lingam appeases and cools the Lord. It purifies and washes all our sins. Shiva is a lod who can be pleased with a small gesture like offering water. Rudrabhishekam is performed to invoke the grace of Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.


  1. Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja: It is an elaborate pooja offered to Lord Shiva. Shiva is supposed to have 11 forms of RUdra. All eleven Rudras are worshipped in this pooja. Initially, sthapana, avahana are done. Laghunyasam is performed. Recitation of Rudra Trishati is done and abhishekam is performed to the eleven Rudras with the eleven materials or dravyas as prescribed in the scriptures. The consorts of the eleven Rudras are also worshipped. This pooja is performed by four pudits. Recitation of Rudram is done eleven times, each one for a Rudra.

This pooja is done in your name and with your specific wish or desire.

Cost: Rs 5500/- Book Now

2. Shiva pooja: Recitation of Shivopasana mantra and archana are performed.

Cost: Rs 1001/- Book Now

Shiva Pooja 1008: Pooja along with archana and recitation of 1008 names of Lord Shiva is done.

Cost: Rs 1351/- Book Now

3. Bilva Patra Pooja 108: 108 names of Lord Shiva are recited by offering 108 bilva patras to the lord.

Cost: Rs 1101/- Book Now

4. Bilva Patra Pooja 1008: Lord Shiva’s 1008 names are recited by offering 1008 bilva patras.

Cost: Rs 1452/- Book Now

5. Masa Shivaratri (Pradosha) pooja: The thirteenth day of the lunar calendar, Trayodasi is very special to Lord Shiva. Pooja will be done in your name and with your specific sankalpa.

Cost: Rs 2001/- Book Now

6. Rudrabhishekam Pooja: Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Rudra. Along with Ganesha pooja, kalasha sthapana, Shivopasana mantra, Sri Rudram recitation is done and abhishekam is performed. Several vedic scriptures have suggested Rudrabhishekam as a remedy for removing planetary doshas.

Cost: Rs 2500/- Book Now

7. Rudrabhishekam Pooja (12 Rudrabhisheka): The traditional Ganesha Pooja, kalasha sthapana, Shiva linga sthapana are done and Laghunyasa is chanted. Shivopasana mantra and 108 names of Lord Shiva are recited. Sri Rudram and abhishekam are done with the suggested eleven ingredients like cow milk, ghee, curd, honey etc.

Cost: Rs 25000/- Book Now

8. Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam (Rudraikadasini) Homam: It is an elaborate pooja and the eleven forms of Lord Shiva, the Rudras are worshipped. Rudra japa is done 11 X 11, 121 times by eleven pundits.

Cost: Rs 35,000/- Book Now

9. Maha Rudram yagya: In this unique pooja 121 pundits recite Rudram 11 times in a day. In total 1331 rudra japas are recited. Homa is performed. It takes lot of time and only few lucky ones can opt for this homam.

Cost: Rs 500,000/- Book Now

10. Atirudram Yagya: It is one of the greatest yagyas prescribed in the vedic scriptures. 121 pundits recite 11 rudrams every day for 11 days. Homam is performed with the suggested materials. you have to inform us one month in advance for making the preparations. Please contact us for cost details.

Santana Parameswara Pooja: For progeny and good health of children, this pooja is advised.

Cost: Rs 1500/- Book Now

11. Maha Mrutyanjay Homam:

Cost: 1008 recitals Rs 9500/- Book Now

Cost: 10000 recitals Rs 12500/- Book Now

Cost: 27000 recitals Rs 21500/- Book Now

Cost: 54000 recitals Rs45000/- Book Now

Cost 100000 recitals Rs 85000/- Book Now

12. Yakshma ROga Nivarana Homam: It is prescribed for curing skin diseases. Yakshma ROga Nivarana mantra is recited 1000 times and homam is performed 100 times.

Cost: Rs 34000/- Book Now