Ganapati Yantra

Ganapati YantraGanapati Yantra

icon3Lord Ganesh is also called as Lord Ganpati and is the foremost of all the gods. People worship Lord Ganesh before beginning any new work as it considered being good luck. Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is the god of knowledge. Be it any work like building a new home, marriage, writing a book or starting a journey; worshipping Lord Ganesh is considered to be auspicious. Ganesh yantra symbolizes Lord Ganesh and the one who establishes it and worships it in his home or workplace is blessed by Lord Ganesh.

 Ganesh yantra imparts positive energy and the one who worships it religiously always succeeds in his endeavors. Offering prayers before Ganesh yantra helps the person to eliminate all the negative energies from his life and gain wisdom and prosperity. This yantra helps the person to improve his problem solving ability and acquire knowledge and wisdom. One must pray before the Ganesh yantra in order to attain happiness and fulfill all his desires.

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 icon1Geometry of Ganesh Yantra

 Lord Ganesh is the deity of wisdom, knowledge, literature and fine arts. The Ganesh yantra is created according to the set lagna and muhurta. The yantra consists of six triangles closed on all the sides along with a central triangle which binds inside. In the earlier times the yantras were embossed on a palm leaf or a bhojpatra. It was a belief that a yantra imprinted on a palm leaf or bhojpatra is pure and the best. Even today a person can get the Ganesh yantra on a bhojpatra which is now laminated for a long life. Ganesh yantra is also available on a copper plate which can also be purchased with gold plating. A person can also wear the Ganesh yantra around his neck in the form of a silver pendant.

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 icon1Puja Process of Ganesh Yantra

 Ganesh yantra can be worshiped everyday for the best results. The person who performs the mantra process is known as the Sadhak. The sadhak has to remember certain points while placing and worshipping the Ganesh yantra. Prior to beginning the mantra process he must free his mind of all the tension and negative thoughts and he must take a bath. Only with a clean and pure mind and body can he perform the mantra process in a right manner. He must find a quiet spot to place the Ganesh yantra. The yantra can be established in the workplace or at home and the spot where it is placed must face either east or north direction.

 The sadhak must keep in mind that no one but him should touch the yantra plate. He must wash it with rose water or milk prior to starting the mantra process. After cleaning the yantra he must make dots in the centre and on the four corners of the yantra plate from sandalwood paste. The sadhak must offer fresh fruits and flowers to the Lord’s Table and also light a lamp beside the yantra.

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 Materials Needed

  • Panch Amrit
  • Water
  • Vermillion
  • Fruits
  • Blue /Black Flowers
  • Jaggery
  • Mat
  • Copper plate
  • Incense sticks
  • Sandalwood paste


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 This mantra is to be recited 21 times before the yantra will full devotion.

icon4“Om Gum Ganapathaye Namah”.


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