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Ganesh pooja

Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Pooja
icon2Form of Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the most ardently worshipped God of Hindus. His parents are Lord Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is known by different names like Pillayar, Ganapati, Vinayaka, Lambodara, Ambasuta etc. Hindus worship Ganesha as the first God and offer their prayers before doing any auspicious work. Ganesha is easily recognized with his unique elephant head. Quite contrary to his figure, tiny rat is his vehicle. He is known as the remover of obstacles and hence devotees pray to him before beginning any kind of work or job . Devotes seeking knowledge and wisdom pray to him in the form of Buddh Ganapti who bestows knowledge, Vidya Ganapati who grants studies, Sankata Nashana Ganapati who removes obstacles, difficulties, Sidha Iswarya Ganapti who is the lord of Wealth etc. He is also known as the lord of astrology.

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icon1Prevalence of Ganesha

According to Kundalini Yoga, Gansha dwells in the muladhara chakra, which is the first in the series of chakras, the energy centres in the body. It means that Ganesha forms the base or is the root for all the chakras in every being. He guides and supports various other chakras like Anahata, visuddi, Agna and Sahasrara chakras.

Ganesha is the elder brother of Subramanya, or karthikeya. Ganesha was instrumental in writing Mahabharata when sage Veda Vyasa was dictating him the verses.

Ganesha is a favourite god of children as they find the elephant headed god very attractive.

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icon1Traditional flavour of Ganesh chathurti

Lord Ganesha is specially prayed during the month of Bhadrapada which is usually between August and September. The fourth day of waxing moon , chathurti is celebrated as Ganesh Chathurti. The festival commences on this day and prolongs for ten days. Clay idols of Ganesh are installed in important public places and prayed with ardent devotion and vigour. On the day of Ananta Chaturdashi, all the idols of Ganesh are carried to the nearby water source in a procession and immersed.

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icon3We perform various Ganesha poojas as per the requirements of the devotees.

1. Ganesha Pooja: The common and the standard Pooja to remove obstacles and bestow prosperity and wealth. This pooja is done before commencing any auspicious job. Pratisthana and shodasopacharas are done which are followed by ashta dravyas and Ganesha Namavali.

2. Ganapati Homam: Along with the above said pooja, 1008 namavali japa plus 1008 Ganesha moola Mantra recitation and Homa are done with 1/10of the japa number, which is, 108 Moolamantra recitation during homa and culminates with Shanti mantras and Poornahuti. This pooja is done especially in your name with your wish or sankalpa.

3. Maha Ganapati Homam: This sacred homam is performed by eight pundits. Lord Ganesha is worshipped in his eight forms with astha dravyas. 1008X8 mantra japa is done by these eight pundits. Ganapti atharva Seersha is recited. Later, homam is performed with 1/10 number of the recitals. Deeparadhana and Poornahuti are the final offerings. This is an effective homam to remove all obstacles and bring success in all fields.

4. Ganapati Homam for Specific purposes: Lord Ganesha is worshipped in different forms for different purposes

Sankatahara Ganapati homam: To remove all hurdles and obstacles.

Aishwarya Ganapti homam: For procuring wealth

Vidya Ganapti homam: For success in exams, general studies and seeking knowledge and wisdom.

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