Gemini Love Sign Compatibility – Matches for Gemini

What is strange about Gemini love sign compatibility? Geminis are highly Creative, artists, easy going, learned, Individualistic and passionate lovers.



GEMINI AND ARIESSo long as Gemini’s jabberwockies don’t get out of hand there are tremendous possibilities for the Aries and the Gemini to form a truly loving & lasting relationship full of fun and excitement and this can be one of the best combinations. Their stimulating natures act as a tonic for the development of warmth and love. The couple hates boredom and possesses an inquisitive mind, thereby keeping each other amused. Exciting possibilities abound.



GEMINI AND TAURUSThis relationship may not be the long lasting one. In terms of compatibility, the Taurus and Gemini have contrasting personality traits. The Gemini loves change and the Taurus will try to resist it. The rapidly changing nature of the Gemini will confuse and annoy the Taurus and they could find themselves heading in opposite directions. Further, their senses of timings are ill-matched. Taurus takes time as think time is on their side and Gemini uses it to change his or her mind too often.



GEMINI AND CANCERThis can be a good relationship initially as all the fun and good humour may be fine, but efforts will have to be made to provide the Cancer with the stability they need. The zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer have very little in common with one another. Gemini’s slightly superficial nature may prove hurtful to the sentimental Cancer. The Cancer will feel unsettled and insecure in this relationship if the Gemini cannot show some sign of commitment. Both will adapt to the other’s style for this particular pairing to have any durability.



GEMINI AND LEOA Gemini individual will find much in common with a person born under the Leo zodiac sign. Both of them love to have fun, have an adventurous nature and enjoy life. They will find each other quite fascinating and love each other’s company. The Lion is on the same intellectual level as the Gemini and this will make their conversions interesting as well as soul-satisfying. However, the varied interests of the latter may make a Leo jealous, as he wants to hold the primary importance in a relationship. Besides, both love to talk, and while Gemini is elaborating on an idea, Leo is elaborating on how an idea relates to him or her and just waiting to steal the entire conversation and steer it ego-ward. So, in terms of long-lasting affairs this is not a good match.



GEMINI AND VIRGOThis is another talkative team but their conversations would be more compatible and more easily drawn to a conclusion. The Gemini will bring passion to the relationship and the Virgo can provide stability. So, there is every chance that these two could prove compatible. Their prospects for a healthy physical relationship are good although the Virgo can sometimes be a little short on passion.



GEMINI AND LIBRAThis is a strong potential bet for a long term affair as both the Gemini and the Libra are likely to have very similar tastes and idea of a good time. This love match promises to be full of vitality and adventure. The only bug in this match could be Gemini’s superficial nature and the short attention span on any one topic. But overall the prospects for a warm, loving and lasting relationship for this particular pairing are excellent.



GEMINI AND SCORPIOInitially the compatibility between this pair could be very exciting but this pairing is not recommended for a long lasting relationship. The naturally flirtatious social style of the Gemini will stir up feelings of jealousy in the Scorpio and it will call for a lot of compromise and restraint on both sides for the relationship. Being totally opposite to one another in so many aspects of their personality, this is a difficult combination to recommend with any confidence.



GEMINI AND SAGITTARIUSThe Gemini and the Sagittarius compatibility is a very promising one, if caution is exercised. The Gemini and the Sagittarius will find plenty of stimulation on an intellectual level. Sagittarius has a strong sense of independence which will not trouble the Gemini who also need to feel a certain amount of freedom to express themselves.



GEMINI AND CAPRICORNThere may not be natural connection physically or emotionally with these two zodiac signs and the compatibility indications are poor for their long term prospects. The Gemini is a flirt by nature and this would be extremely worrying for the more emotional Capricorn who seek a loyal and faithful partner but they can get on together in business relationships.



GEMINI AND AQUARIUSHere’s a happy match- there will be no shortage of passion or experimentation in their physical relationship, as both like to keep things new and interesting and there is every prospect of strong romantic bond between them. When they do hit different times they seem to have all the attributes between them to sort out and move on.



GEMINI AND PISCESInitially there is a very good chance that they will each be fascinated by the other but it’s no go in the long haul. Pisces has too much emotion and does need someone to provide emotional support and the Gemini is not an obvious candidate as he/she does not have the temperament to deal with these sort of issues because Gemini’s try to use discussion and logic as a solution to Pisces’ feelings of vulnerability. Thereafter, Gemini may go flitting off as a reaction to the Piscean’s demands for more understanding.


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