Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2019

Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2019

“Free Gemini Yearly Horoscope For 2019″

This year Saturn shall remain in Sagittarius in 7th house. On 23rd March Rahu shall be entering into Gemini in lagna. On 29th March Jupiter would enter into Sagittarius in 7th house and would come back to 6th house after turning retrograde. On 5th November Jupiter would enter Sagittarius in to 7th house after becoming direct.


Professionally the transit of Saturn in 7th house is giving indications of gradual rise and your secret and effective business plans would certainly create an opportunity for you to work with an esteemed organization.

Those doing job are destined to shine suddenly and in addition to that they would also get transferred to a place of their choice.

Wealth, Property

The transit of Rahu in second house is indicating a situation of ups and downs on financial front. Some sudden expense can create problems and because of which your budget shall lose its shape and that is why you are advised not to make investment in those ventures where some kind of risk is involved.

After 23rd March there shall be improvement in your financial position and thereafter at the betterment would remain steadfast throughout the year.

House, Family and Society

For your family life mixed results can be expected. In the beginning of the year some problem in the family is indicated or else there would be some difference of opinion among family members on some issues.

After 23rd March there would be betterment in family. If you are of marriageable age then the probability of your marriage can also not be ruled out and after March- April the sudden progress in professional life would certainly enhance your social reputation.


The transit of Jupiter in 6th house is not considered highly auspicious for children. You would be worried about the health, happiness and progress of your children.

After 23rd March the aspect of Rahu on 5th house can inauspicious for children. It is not an auspicious time for conceiving actually and further, there shall also be some probability of miscarriage etc too.


The transit of Jupiter is not favorable for your health and you might suffer from stomach related disorders. The carelessness in your diet and eating habits might increase problems so be cautious and follow healthy and nutritious diet chart religiously.

To reduce your tensions you are advised to do Yoga and meditation sincerely. These practices would fill you with enthusiasm and confidence.

Career and Competition

This year is excellent for getting success in competitive examinations but there might remain few problems in the beginning of the year.

After 23rd march your confidence shall get enhanced and those aspiring for higher education would be able to get success in getting admission in the reputed educational institute of their choice.

Travel and Transfer

This year is beneficial for going on business tours. There is probability of overseas journey too.

The year is favorable for those who have gone abroad or planning to go abroad for higher education.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year would be generally auspicious for religious activities but you are likely to face obstacles in performing such activities-

  1. Establish Maha mrityunjay Yantra at place of worship and chant Mantra daily.
  2. Serve parents, elders, priest, Brahmin and Guru.
  3. Observe fast on Thursday and donate yellow daal, yellow sweet meat.

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