Group Poojas

Group Poojas

Group PoojasGroup Poojas

Many people would like to perform big homams like Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam, Maha Rudram Yagya or Chandi Homam. They have the spiritual inclination, faith and urge to perform the pooja but they may find the cost of the poojas beyond their capacity and feel bad that they are not able to perform the pooja. In this situation, the best solution would be to collectively request for the pooja in a group. It may be a groups of friends or relatives who would find it convenient to share the cost of the pooja. The homam or pooja is performed collectively with their individual names, gotra, nakshatra and sankalpa. In this manner the cost can be reduced and at the same time the desire to get the pooja performed will be fulfilled.

We encourage group bookings so that the cost comes down and is beneficial to all individuals in the group.

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