Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman PoojaWorshipping the lord of wisdom and strength through the Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman is one god worshipped by both the Vishnavites and the followers of lord shiva with equal preference and reverence. He is one of the most famous and favourites of all Shiva avatars and is an excellent and devoted baktha of Lord Rama. In the Hindu Mythology, he is depicted as a person of total devotion. It is said that when Hanuman helped lord Rama in the coronation of Ayodhya and in the retrieval of goddess Sita, Hanuman have asked for a unique boon to Lord Rama.

The boon was to sustain and eternal earthly life and to serve mankind, whenever they require lord Rama’s help and assistance during hardships. He is also known as Sankata Mochan or a person who helps at times of hardships. Lord Hanuman is also been worshipped for good health, as he is the most strong person on earth, in the removal of fear. Most of all, his worship is considered the antidote for the troubles caused by lord Shani.

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Significance of Hanuman pooja:

Hanuman pooja has really seen to be beneficial for those who want to attain wisdom, strength and knowledge in their lives. The monkey god and his poojas would cure all illness and gives people the courage to fight against the illness. The pooja also provides peace of mind and it is important to perform the pooja with a clear mind and good thoughts. It is equally important to trust the god and the pooja to derive the best results.

It is important to offer food and Anna dhanam for the Pandits who perform the pooja and to offer clothes for them after the pooja is completed along with their Dakshina. Prasadam needs to be offered for all the devotees who participate in the pooja.


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Common Hanuman poojas performed according to the Vedic astrology:

Hanuman Pooja: this is a fully ritualistic pooja that is performed for lord Hanuman and has been in practice right from the Vedic period. The pooja is performed with recitals of 1008 namavalis of the God in the prescribed manner with the prescribed articles that are close to the god. The pooja could specially be done on the client’s name and on their sankalpa or wish.

Cost of hanuman pooja: Rs 1,500/-

Hanuman Homam: This homam is performed as same as hanuman pooja but includes recitals of the 1008 namavalis of the lord and recitals of 1008 moola mantras of lord Hanuman. The homam is performed with 1/10 of jepam number that is recitals of 108 moolamantras of lord hanuman during the homam. The pooja ends with shanti mantras and poornahuti and could be performed with a in the individual’s name and their sankalpa.

Cost of Hanuman homam: Rs 5,000/- 

The hanuman pooja is performed by learned Pandits who are in this service at least for the past two generations. And all of these poojas are performed based on the strict guidelines given in the Vedic literature and abide by the preaching’s of great saints. It is sure that clients get maximum benefits from this Hanuman pooja.


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