What is the length of an online course?

There is no time limit to complete the course. It entirely depends upon how soon you want to cover each & every topic of the chosen course. Moreover, after completing the course, you can again start it anytime and as many times as you want.

Is Pandit.com a licensed institution?

Pandit.com is affiliated to the Occult Master – an organization which offers offline occult courses. After completing the course, you will get the soft copy of the certificate approved by Pt. Rahul Kaushl which you can use worldwide.

Will any changes in fee affect my account access?

No, any changes in fee would not affect your account access once given.

Will I have the account access even after completing the course?

Of course, yes! Your access to the course will remain valid untill the course is available on the portal. However, being a valuable account holder, you will be duly notified in case of any changes or updates.