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How can I take the course?

It is quite simple. You simply create an account, pay the fees and get the access to the course video & content which will remain in your account forever so you may access them & learn at your convenient time.

If there any demo course available?

If you are doubtful about the online occult courses, you are recommended to watch our offline course videos on Youtube for a guesstimate.

Will I get a certificate of an online course?

Of course, yes! You will be duly honoured with a certificate of the respective course.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Of course, yes! You can take as many courses as you want at the same time.

For whom these online courses are beneficial?

We have prepared online courses for both beginners and experts. These courses are beneficial of every individual, particularly housewives, students looking for vocational training, business personnel’s, human resource companies, healers, and so forth.

What is included in the Course package?

The foremost thing is, all the courses offered on Portal contain authentic content and guidance of famous Occult Master Pt. Rahul Kaushl. The course content contains videos & presentations. Additionally, students get quiz tests after completing the course for self-assessment.

What if I have doubt about a specific topic or course?

We do not leave your hand ever. You can contact our support team for any sort of help.

What are the benefits of Online Courses?

  • You get a direct ticket / entry to offline courses conducted by the Occult Master.
  • The basic online courses are totally within your budget.
  • Anybody can opt these online courses.
  • No previous knowledge required to do online courses.
  • It is vocational training opportunity for teens.
  • You achieve the certificate of the respective course by Occult Master.
  • You can easily schedule your learning time.
  • Your basics are clear.
  • You begin to understand the fundamentals of occult science & energies.
  • You may begin to practice Vastu at a domestic level.
  • You learn to find faults in Vastu of buildings / houses.
  • You learn apt remedies to heal defective zones in Vastu.
  • You may begin to offer tarot reading services.
  • You may read human psyche through handwriting.
  • You may begin self-healing practice through Mudras.
  • You learn to identify original, synthetic & treated gemstones.
  • You may begin to suggest gemstones to clients.
  • You achieve the beginner level in occult science.
  • Your path from beginner to advance in occult learning gets straight.

What if my opted course is removed from the

Removing any course from the portal is a very rare case which might happen for upgrading content, policies or likely reasons. In any such case, you will be duly notified in advance.