What is Mudras?

Mudras are certain hand gestures and a popular form of Hatha Yoga. Mudras are loaded with health benefits and virtually address three main Doshas including Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Mudras are able to prevent almost all diseases. In the online Mudras course, you will learn about the five elements in our fingers, elements relationships, essential Mudras, how to perform Mudras and their benefits, etc.

What is Graphology?

Graphology is a science of character reading through handwriting. Scientifically, human subconscious manifests in different forms such as art, music, expressions, body language and so on and handwriting is one of them. Graphology interprets the human subconscious through handwriting. In the online Graphology course, you will learn about different sorts of handwriting, signatures & their interpretations.

What is Gemmology?

Gemstones are ancient & popular astrological remedies. A range of gemstones is available for different planets. In the online Gemmology course, you will learn about different gemstones, their properties, benefits, side-effects, and their identical stones so you could recommend the right gemstone to your clients.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture rooted in India, which is now getting popular worldwide. The principles of Vastu Shastra are based on plot type, directional alignment, entrance, five elements, the centre of the house and placement of objects, etc. In online Vastu Foundation Course, you learn about all Vastu principle and their implementation.

What is Remedial Vastu?

Vastu Chakra has intended easy to implement remedies to heal defected zones in Vastu, which you will learn in the online Remedial course.

What is the tarot card reading?

Tarot cards are the most popular divination tool on which secrets symbols imagery stories are depicted. Basically, tarots are the storybook of our lives, a reflection of our psyche and insights. Tarots bring the cosmic answers to our questions on the table. However, the game is not that easy. There is a proper method of understanding & using tarot cards which you will learn during the online tarot cards course.

Is there any Enrollment Criteria?

Pandit.com is directly accepting students for online courses.

  • No prior knowledge is requisite.
  • No specific educational background is requisite.
  • No gender discrimination.
  • No age limit.

What is the difference between the Vastu Foundation Course and Remedial Vastu Course?

Vastu foundation course edifies you about Vastu principle so may gain the basic knowledge of Vastu Shastra, its principles, and defects. Remedial Vastu is a bit advanced in which you get to know different remedies to heal the defected zones.