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Girl’s name starting with Q

Indian Girl Names Starting With Q

Parents want perfect name that will carry your child through life. Choosing a name for baby girl is one of the biggest decisions. There are so many baby names and it is very hard to choose just one. This page has collection of top girl names starting with letter Q with their meaning and a few you probably haven’t heard before.

Baby Girls Names Beginning With Alphabet Q

Girl’s name Meaning लड़कियों के नाम अर्थ
Qia Singer, Love, To Flow, Earth क़िया प्यार, पृथ्वी
Qanna Lake क़ान्ना झील
Qatam Queen क़तम रानी
Queen Highest Lady, Wife of a King क्वीन एक राजा की पत्नी
Queta Fortress, Tall क़ुएता लंबा
Queti Cute क़ुएटी प्यारा
Quiky Very Fast क़ुइकी बहुत तेज़
Quity A Beautiful Girl क़ुटी एक सुंदर लड़की
Quiyl Bird क़ुयल चिड़िया
Qumla Fire क़ुंला आग
Questa Journey क़ुएस्टा यात्रा
Quincy Like a Queen क्विन्सी रानी की तरह
Quorra Heart क़ुओररा दिल
Quisilla Lovely, Pretty क़ुइसिल्ला सुंदर
Quartilla Very Pure क़ुआर्टिल्ला बहुत शुद्ध