Kartikeya Poojas

Kartikeya Poojas

Kartikeya Poojas
icon2Kartikeya Poojas

Grandeur of Lord Shanmukha

Shanmukha’s birth

The birth story of Lord Kartikeya is mentioned in Kumara Sambhavam. Sati, the cosort of Lord Shiva immolated herself near the site of Daksha Yagna, which her father performed and was later destroyed by Lord Shiva. Sati reincarnated herself as Uma, or Parvati, the daughter of Himvaan , the mountain king. Shiva disassociated himself from the world and started performing yogic meditation in the Himalayas.

icon1During this time, the demon king Surpadman started tormenting the beings across the globe. All the Gods realized that only the son born of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati will have the power to defeat Surpadman, Tarakasuran and their companions. All the devas plotted along with Kama, the lord of desire, and requested him to shoot an arrow made of flowers so that Shiva’s meditation is destroyed and he will fall in love with Parvati. After Kaama shot the arrow , Lord Shiva opened his third eye and burnt Kaama to ashes. Kaama’s wife Rati pleaded Shiva to bring him back to life. listening to her pleading, Shiva granted a boon that he will be seen in person for her but for others he will be present in a formless state.

icon1As his meditation was disturbed, Shiva was attracted to Parvati. But the fiery seed of Lord Shiva was unbearable and the fire God also could not hold him. Later the seed was transported to the Sara Vana forest through the river Ganga and Sara Vana Bhava was born. He was raised in the forest by six Kartika damsels. Goddess Parvati combined these babies into one single baby and named him Shanmukha. She presented him a spear known as Vel. Peacock is the vehicle of Shanmukha or Kartikeya. He is the mightiest among the devas.

Finally Shanmukha defeated the demons and peace pervaded on earth.

icon1Different names of Shanmukha

Shanmukha is known with several names like Subramanyam, Guha, Skanda, Kartikeya etc.he is also called as Saravana, Kumara, Dhandapany, Velan and Swaminatha. He is the warrior God who always destroys evil spirits and demons. Skanda bestows power of knowledge to his devotees.

He is worshipped for elimination of problems related to kuja dosha or mangala dosha. Childess couples also perform pooja and seek his blessings.

icon3We perform several poojas of Lord Kartikeya as per vedic tradition.

1. Kartikeya Pooja: Pooja of Lord Subramanyam is performed with all the rituals and 1008 namavali recitation. This pooja is done in your name and sankalpa or specific wish.

2. Kartikeya Homam: The above mentioned pooja and 1008 namavali japa along with 1008 Subramanyam Moola mantra recitation is performed. It is followed by a homam with 1/10 of the japa number. Poornahuti and shanty mantras are recited. This pooja is done in your name and with your sankalpa or wish.

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