Libra Love Sign Compatibility – Matches for Libra

Do you want Check Libra love Sign Compatibility with other zodiac Signs ? Libra the balanced Sign of the Zodiac, plus they enjoy all things in pairs (with the help of others) and never alone. Libra-born is really a true team player



LIBRA AND ARIESThis couple is regarded as one of the most successful love-couple. One must be beware as flirtatious attitude of Libra can hurt the ego of a proud person. Libra attracts the Arien presenting a combination of Beauty and the Beast. Aries can’t help jealousing about the others Libra attracts.



LIBRA AND TAURUSThe Taurus and the Libra may have an enjoyable and romantic first few meetings in the beginning but a permanent relationship would bring trials to both. On the one hand, the Taurus is possessive while the Libra is flirtatious. Libra’s excessive vitality and flirty nature could start to irritate the Taurus and make them feel insecure and eventually that Taurean patience with the Libran social groupiness may turn into temperamental outbursts. As the Libra will need to retain some freedom in the relationship he/she may lose patience and feel restricted by Taurus’ possessiveness.



LIBRA AND GEMINIThis is a strong potential bet for a long term affair as both the Gemini and the Libra are likely to have very similar tastes and idea of a good time. This love match promises to be full of vitality and adventure. The only bug in this match could be Gemini’s superficial nature and the short attention span on any one topic. But overall the prospects for a warm, loving and lasting relationship for this particular pairing are excellent.



LIBRA AND CANCERIn the early stages of a romantic liaison between the Cancer and the Libra there is likely to be an extremely strong physical attraction. But this would be a pairing to avoid as the combination of a over emotional Cancer with the coolly rational Libra is not often a long term proposition. The Libra is more practical minded of the two and has ability to make decisions with their head than their heart whereas Cancer is more emotive. And when the Cancer demands support- right or wron, Libra is unable to give it all the time which will lead to dullness and discord in the relation.



LIBRA AND LEOThis could e a perfect match if Leo can moderate the tone of command. Both the Leo and the Libra are extremely fascinated by each other’s personalities. A problem could arise if Leo doesn’t co-operate with the vows of loyalty expected by the Libra. Both are romantic and potentially creative. Going out, being social, and being the center of attention is enjoyed by both these partners. They enjoy luxury, trying out new things, adventure, so it would be best if both make enough to afford the good life.



LIBRA AND VIRGOVirgo and Libra is not an ideal match but it is workable. The main reason for this is that they have different natures as well as different temperaments. A Libran loves socializing with people and he has no problem in accepting their contrary view points whereas a Virgo stands on the extreme not liking socializing too much and highly critical of the people around him. But if they make conscious efforts, they can easily traits into balancing qualities.



LIBRA AND SCORPIOThe relationship compatibility between the Libra and the Scorpio in not good in the long haul but it may make sensational short term affair through physical and mental attraction. As far as emotions are concerned, the Scorpio takes the lead over the Libra. Being possessive by nature, the Scorpio would demand not only Libra’s body but the soul as well. The former needs to feel one with his/ her partner while the latter needs some space and freedom. The Scorpion needs to control his feelings of too much jealousy and possessiveness and the Libran needs to show some less aloofness and this relationship can work wonders.



LIBRA AND SAGITTARIUSThe Libra and the Sagittarius love compatibility is a rewarding short term romance but the future for the long run would be tough for both as the Libra likes and expects commitment and that is not the Sagittarian’s style. Apart from this, both of them love freedom, like to interact with people and are adventurous. Their social lives will be as sizzling as their romance. Love, is what their relationship is all about.



LIBRA AND CAPRICORNThe romantic compatibility of the Libra and the Capricorn match depends on how much either of them is willing to adjust. The Libran is an extrovert by nature whereas the Capricorn is more concerned about himself and is quite serious. Here, if the latter is willing to give patience and a wide berth on some of those more social occasions, it could be a decent enough marriage. But before any decision for permanent relationship both should get thorough chart-cast.



LIBRA AND AQUARIUSThe love match of Libra and an Aquarius is most likely to result in good compatibility both sharing common personality traits. The Libran will love the Aquarian for his/ her creativity and initiative while the latter will respect his/her balanced & harmonious nature and would make a handsome couple. But unpredictable behavior by an Aquarian can offend the Libra.



LIBRA AND PISCESThis pairing seems to be a good romantic risk. Both the individuals aspire for love, beauty, leisure, arts, accord, warmth, tenderness and passionate romance. Still this love match does not have very bright chances of compatibility as both of them are very sensitive and try to avoid any kind of arguments or aggressive behavior. So better to keep this pairing to the short term unless both are gamblers in love.


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