Libra Yearly Horoscope For 2026

“Free Libra Yearly Horoscope For 2026″

This Year, Saturn would remain in Pisces Sign Sixth House. Up to November 25, Rahu would be in Aquarius Sign Fifth House and offer that it transits Capricorn Sign Fourth House. In the first half of the year, Jupiter would be in Gemini Sign Ninth House and on June 02, it transits Cancer Sign Tenth House. On October 31, Jupiter would enter Leo Sign Eleventh House by having rapid motion. This year, Mars would propagate at its normal pace. In the beginning of the year, up to February 01, Venus would remain Combust and also October for fourteen days.


This year would achieve highest degrees of promises for work and profession perspective. You would achieve progress in your profession by dint of your destiny. Auspicious placement of Jupiter and Saturn indicates probabilities for your all round development. Sources of income would be excellent. Higher officials or senior persons would extend their cooperation to you and this might prove to be a boon for success in domain of your work.

After May 02, the natives in service might have transfers to their desired places along with promotion of their ranks. The natives engaging themselves in land related activities would have fatty gains.

Wealth, Property

This year would be fruitful as regard to economic aspect. A favorable situation for enter premiership would lead you to have intended savings. In the first half of the year, you would incur could be an expense on health related problems of children.

After June 02, because of aspectual effect of Jupiter on Fourth House, you would consolidate land, building, vehicles along with gemstones and ornaments etc. Expenditure by your hands would be for auspicious ceremonies of your family members or relatives. After October 31, an addition to inflow of income awaits and you would be able to consolidate your economic status.

House, Family and Society

This year would be auspicious for family point of view through because of prior engagements, you would not be able to devote due time to your family yet a harmonious and conducive family environment is guaranteed to prevail. You would be on your toes for social upliftment since Jupiter has its aspectual effect on Third House.

After June 02, time period would be more positive and supportive for family. Mutual co-operation and emotional attachment among the members of your family would be observed at a higher level. You would have cooperative of all family members and mutual attraction would be on rising spree. This time period would be exceedingly auspicious for your father. You would have relations with your maternal uncle in resonance.


This year would have cloudy shadows on children perspectives. In the first half of the year, more hard work is indispensable for success of your children. Time period rolls out to be favorable for your second child. The chances of his progress are excellent.

After June 02, the time period is shrinking towards darken side. At that time Rahu posited in Fifth House could create progeny related problems. The women on family way time period, no carelessness should be exercised in relation to health of the children. Your children would see success after October 31.


This year would be auspicious for health perspective. Jupiter posited in Ninth House has fifth aspect on Ascendant. This strongly indicates physical fitness and addition to working capability and efficiency. Mental peace, happiness and constructive thinking would climb upwards.

In the second half of the year, it is pertinent to pay a heed towards health. Observe a regimen for eatable items. Sometimes you would develop a feeling of weakness inspite of physical fitness. Early to bed and early morning walk is beneficial for your body.

Career and Competition

The candidates preparing for competitive examinations would get success. Those who are searching jobs might have a job. This time period would remain excellent for having technical or professional education and training.

After June 02, time period would not be much auspicious. Rahu being in Fifth House might cause obstacles in education and hence in career.

Travel and Transfer

In the beginning of the year, you would accomplish long journeys along with short and important journeys. These journeys might prove to be auspicious or progress promising journeys. During these journeys, you might develop friendship with someone. After June 02, the natives in service would get transfers at their destined and favorable places.

The natives residing at distant places might have a visit to their birth places or enjoy a pilgrimage along with their whole family. You would undertake a foreign journey as strong probabilities for the same are indicated by aspectual effect of Saturn on Twelfth House.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

In the first half of the year, as Jupiter is posited in Ninth House, so you would accomplish some special religious ceremony. You would practice “Yoga” meditation and recite Mantras as enumerated by your religious preceptor. After transit of Jupiter, you would exercise more donations, charities and help to the poor.

  1. Offer water to sun every day after taking bath.
  2. Recite Ganeshji;s Mantra and do Pranayama every day.
  3. Take a coconut and revolve it seven times on your head and put it in flowing water.

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