Love and Marriage

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Love and MarriageLove and Marriage

icon2Devi is known as Shakti and she is worshipped as Parashakti by Hindus.

Goddess Devi is known to be more powerful than the Trinity Gods, and is known as Parashakti or paradevi. Para means beyond. She is worshipped as the Divine mother of the Universe.

Devi Kamakshi or Lalita Tripura Sundari is depicted with four arms holding a lotus, goad, sugarcane bow and a noose. She has reddish complexion, wears a red sari and a crescent moon adorns her head. When the demon king Mahishasura tormented devas, they all pleaded Devi to save them. Devi in the form of Goddess Durga created Goddess Chandi and Goddess kali to assist her in eliminating Mahishasura and saved devas and humanity.

icon1Depiction of Devi in Sri Chakra

In the Tantra , she is depicted as a Sri Chakra, which is a diagrammatic representation of the Goddess Devi. In the Sri Vidya form of worship, Sri Chakra occupies a very important place. It is regarded as an embodiment of shakti. There are nine triangles which are interlaced in a way that they form 43 small triangles in a web shape. It represents creation. These triangles are encircled by eight petals of a lotus, sixteen petals of a lotus and then a square which has four temple doors. In total there are nine levels in the Sri Chakra. Each level is associated with a mudra or yogini with a specific mantra. The first layer is known as Trilokya Mohan or Bhupura and the innermost level is known as Sarva Anandamaya which is only a bidu or a point.

icon3We perform Mangala Gouri Pooja for the benefit of our clients in their name and their specific wish or desire.

1. Devi Pooja: Shodasopacharas and recitation of sahasranama is done. It is followed by Lalita Tripura Sundari Pooja.

Cost: Rs1600/- Book Now

2. Durga Saptasati (Devi Mahatyam) Path: Durga pooja is done and recitation of the 700 verses of Durga Saptasati is done.

Cost: Rs 2500/- Book Now

3. Swayamvara Parvati Homam is very effective for delayed marriages, mangala dosha and marital problems. Pooja and homam in the name of Goddess Parvati is performed and offerings are made as mentioned in the scriptures.

Cost: Rs9500/- Book Now

4. Mangala Gouri Pooja: This pooja is prescribed for people suffering from marital problems, dely in marriage and mangala dosha. Goddess Devi is worshipped in the form of Managala Gouri and the shodasopachara pooja is performed which is followed by the recitation of namavali.

Cost: Rs2000/- Book Now

5. Durga Sookta Homam: Durga pooja is done with shodasopacharas and recitation of 1008 namavali. 1008 Durga Sooktam recital is performed and a homa is done.

Cost: Rs9500/- Book Now

6. Chandi Homam: It is an elaborate pooja. Durga Saptasati is recited and homam is performed.

Cost: Rs35000/- Book Now

7. Shata Chandi Yagyam: It is known as mother of all Devi Yagyas. 700 verses of Durga Saptasati are recited 100 times and the homam is done 700 X 100 times.

Cost: Rs500,000/- Book Now

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