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What are Free Numerology number 2 Readings ?

Numerology Number 2

What are Free Numerology number 2 Readings ?

Numerology Number 2 : This number two is represented by “moon” which is a watery plannet. Those who born on 2nd, 11th , 20 & 29 in date of any month are governed by this plannet. These natives are of wavering mind having cnumganble nature as well as remain in their own world of imagination and dreams of their thoughts. These natives love to travels of long routes. They do not like to mix with others but have love for natural things like flowers, sea & sky, scenery of natural series. They enjoy for hours the sea tides & galaxy of sky. They continue to built castles of their own views, in air and enjoy it.

Health:- They may suffer from low blood pressure and the deceases resulted on a/c of this irregularity.

They are weak at heart. As a result of their imaginary power they continue to think at an over level resulting into mental worries and restlessness as well as sleeplessness. They may suffer from asthmatic problems as well as sugar deceases in general also.

Finance:- As regards to financial position of natives under this number they can not be stable in this aspect because of their own imaginary world. They have the unstable mind also as a result of which they can not do this work in romantic for his financial condition. They can do better of they convert their imagination into creating some as fiction to improve their financial position, leaving aside their lethargic nature and do hard work. They may be a good writer or painter to earn their live hood to some extent.

Occupation:- Beside the activities said before they may be a successful translator, editor, teacher of more then are languages, music- composer, actor, poet & writer of films & drama based on romance and love especially. They may do all such type of works relating to the imagination field.

Marriage:- Depending upon the two aspects of moon, shhukal and knsnou paksha are type of some people are lethargies, they marry only for money to get comforts out of it. The others are very dominating personalities & they are habitual fault finders. Nothing can satisfy them. The natives have love & attraction for home naturally. The females of this number are moody, sensitive and changeable nature. They may get satisfaction from any thing those husbands proud them as they have the quality of sympathy, devotion, and affection. The natives have not passion in their sexual life generally.

Important years:- 2,11,20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83 etc during which some important incident may happen of any type i.e. positive or negative also.

Lucky Days:- Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Lucky Colours:-White, Blue and Cream

Lucky Gem:- Pearls & Diamond

Lucky Stone:- Moon stones

Lucky No.:- 2,4,6,29