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What are Free Numerology number 4 Readings ?

Numerology Number 4

What are Free Numerology number 4 Readings ?

Numerology Number 4 : Number four is represented by RAHU which has been imagined to be a shadowish in nature & has a attractive personality. All those born on 4,13,22nd& 21st of a month are governed by this number. Which is revolutionary in nature and represent unexpected happenings in life. This nature gives most of the affect as No. 1 has but those people have to be pushed ahead after which they show their capabilities and abilities. These people are often misunderstood and make many secret enemies who continuously do their gets against them. These people mostly like changes and freedom of mind. They don’t like hypocrisy but music, art, are favourite for them. Almost the changes that that happen in their life are for the betterment of them.

Health:- These people suffer from urinary infection, breathlessness because of their weakrespiratory system. They may also suffer from the affected knees, feet shakes. They should take care of their health very carefully.

Finance:- The people governed by this number 4 generally prosper in financial aspect of life after the age of 40 however after obstacles , delays & difficulties in this works. They maintain as if they are wealthy persons with their decorated residences despite of the normal wealth position.

Occupation:- The natives governed by number four become successful in their life in electrical, ……………… & machinery related trades and business. They become successful in occult sciences subjects like astrology, palmistry, engg, industry building contractor scientist etc. as well.

Marriage:-The people of this number like their life partners of the nature which they own self. They expect that she should share with their views & like their intelligence as well as shrewdness also. In domestic life they went their own domination these people have a heart full of love & kindness.

 The female of this number are generally have the quality of smartness & attractiveness. They have the art of well dressed personality with a strong will power. They are moody in nature and also some their dictatorship in their language. They also have their houses well decorated position.

Important Years:- The 4th,13th,22nd,31st,40th,49th,58th,67th,76th years of life have the important happenings these may be of positive or negative nature which so ever.

Lucky Days:- The lucky days are Sunday, Monday& Saturday.

Lucky Colors:- Blue, Grey, White & maroon with shining.

Lucky Gem & Stone:- Coral, Pearl & Diamond

Lucky Nos.:- 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 are the lucky numbers to which they may have friendly & favourable relatives.