Numerology Number 5

What are Free Numerology number 5 Readings ?

What are Free Numerology number 5 Readings ?

Numerology Number 5 : This number 5 is governed by planet Mercury representing fastness, shrewdness, diplomacy, business ability as well as activeness, with mentally sharpness. The people born on 5th, 14th ,23rd or a month are governed by this planet of evaluation everything in terms of business mind. These people are very strict full having writing quality also, in which they use their physical capability along with their mental sharpness. These people never leave a chance to make best use of the weakness of their opposite persons. As regards their speaking value they are here in the best position in explaining & expressing in matter.

Health:- As stated above that these people on A/c of their nervousness suffer from its bed effect like restlessness & tension also. They may suffer from neck, ears & arms problems beside the disturbed respiratory system. They may have suffer from psychological problems also.

Finance:- The people representing this number are of reserved in nature have capable to develop industry as per their plans with the result of which earn good returns accordingly. They enjoy a good financial position having all comforts of their own desires. They also feel satisfaction that their plans are going on toward height as a result of their good efforts put in for.

Occupation:- These people have the quality to express the thing in a very good manner hence be a successful advocate defending the case of their clients. Banking, medicine, surgery, sports related trade, they can handle with their mental capability & physical activeness. They may prove them selves in acting, in stage plays very well.

Marriage:- The people governed by this number are lucky fellow as regards to the marriage life. They want their partner neat & clean so that they may enjoy married life in good terms. On the other hand they themselves prove to be a good husband. They love their children & home beside wife. They spend good money towards clothing as well as maintain their selves also. As regards to the females of this number they have the commanding nature & Sheldon do their work themselves. They are ford of enjoy outing as well as at home.

Important years:-5,14,23,41,50,59,68,77 & 86 years have the importance in their life when some good or bad happenings may happen .

Lucky Days:- Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are the lucky days of the weeks.

Lucky Colors:- White &green or light green are lucky colors for them.

Lucky Gems & Stones:- Emerald & Diamond as well as sapphire also.

Lucky Numbers:- 1.3,4,5,7& 8 are the lucky numbers for them.