Planet Yantra

Planet YantraPlanet Yantra

Yantraicon3Yantras are like objects that can be used to ward off any kind of negativity or evil thing. All yantras can be associated with the nine planets. Each planet will have the ability to exhibit some kind of flaws. Human beings and their life are governed by horoscopes. Yantras are also called as graphical expressions of a particular geometrical design. There are various formations of lines and circles that can bring in positivity and energy. These yantras are very pious and supreme pictures of deities that can bring in good luck if worshipped on a particular day. In Hindu religion, every deity is associated with a planet and correspondingly has a yantra attached to it. These yantras are definitely not a lucky stone to charm and should never be considered as an easy way to enjoy power and happiness. These yantras can reduce some kind of pressure or negativity caused by your ruling planet. There is a history associated with each yantra. These yantras act as a Vedic remedy to any kind of malefic planets. They are also used to enhance and brighten your yoga-karaka planetary system. These yantras will surely bring in affluence and prosperity but you need to build a harmonious effort to lead a successful life without any greedy motive. The yantra graphics on the plate will exhibit a positive reflection from heaven and erase all your worries and displeasures at home as well as at workplace. The circle in the yantra is to bring the element of water, the square symbolizes earth, triangles symbolizes fire, diagonal lines symbolize air, horizontal lines depict water, points or dots depict ether and the vertical lines depict fire. There are spiritual and astrological yantras depicted towards planetary problems in horoscopes. There is often a relationship attached with all kinds of stars. So the following stars need to follow the respective yantras. All the yantras need to be worshipped inside the puja room. You will have to chant their respective mantras for a fixes number of times on certain days. You can also buy the smaller versions or lockets of the yantras and tie it to your chain and wear them while at work or at home.[box type=”success”]

  • Sun – Surya, Gayatri and Vishnu Yantra
  • Moon – Sri and Lakshmi Yantra
  • Mars – Mangala Yantra
  • Mercury – Vishnu Yantra
  • Jupiter – Ganesh Yantra
  • Venus – Sri and Lakshmi Yantra
  • Saturn – Shri Shanti Yantra
  • Rahu – Kali and Durga Yantra
  • Ketu – Mahamrityunjaya Yantra


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