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7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
Product Reference
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point
Product Reference

7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point

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7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point balances all the Chakras, balances five elements, promotes health, gets worldly pleasures, awakens spirituality, and heals overall life.

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7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point

7 Chakra Pencil Tower Point

Rs. 492.00

The 7 chakra bonded pencil tower point is to direct energies into the primary chakras of yours or someone you are doing chakras healing for. Each colour of this pencil represents the base colour of a chakra – as explained by the Vedic symbolic details available:

#1 Red

Chakra: Base

Element: Earth

Location: Base of the spine

Job: It keeps you grounded, confident, determinant, and comfortable in your own body.

#2 Orange

Chakra: Sacral

Element: Water

Location: Approx. 2 inches below the navel

Job: It connects you to your emotions, develops skills, and governs your pleasures & sexuality.

#3 Yellow

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area

Job: It keeps you in complete charge of your responsibilities, decisions and life.

#4 Green

Chakra: Heart

Element: Air

Location: Just above the heart between the chest

Job: It helps you give & take love and open up with others.

#5 Blue

Chakra: Throat

Element: Sound

Location: Throat

Job: It gives you the ability to communicate, express yourself & be truthful.

#6 Violet

Chakra: Third Eye

Element: Light

Location: Forehead between the eyes

Job: It makes you intuitive, forecasting, successful occultist, and a step ahead of the material world.

#7 Indigo

Chakra: Crown

Element: Higher Consciousness

Location: Above the skull

Job: It makes you divinely spiritual, cuts bond with materialism, and connects you with the omnipresent.

There are numerous methods mentioned in scriptures and tombs about how to activate & balance these Chakras by colours, foods, mantras, exercises, habits, mantras, meditation, affirmation, crystals, gemstones and so on. Among all, 7 chakra bonded pencil point tower point is the easiest one that confers quick & effective results.

How to use 7 chakra bonded pencil tower point?

There are several simple ways to use this pencil to balance your primary chakras:

  • Meditate upon it.
  • Place it on your chakra points.
  • Keep its pointed side towards you while sitting, sleeping & working.

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