Home Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Product Reference
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone
Product Reference

Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone

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Neeli stone pleases Saturn, activates higher Chakras, meets big targets, develops professionalism, responsibility & maturity, gives remarkable business sense, and helps you make a big man.

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Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone

Iolite Gemstone – Neeli Gemstone

Iolite - also known as Neeli - is a semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the cordierite mineral family. This mineral is also used by some industries, such as for making ceramic parts used in catalytic converters. One amazing fact about Iolite stone is that its colour is natural and does not need any treatment or heat to give it the colour it has.

How to identify genuine Neeli?

Genuine Neeli Attributes -

Transparent, Highly Durable, Emits different colours, Glassy lustre.

What is the astrological significance of planet Saturn?

Saturn is a cruel planet that could either make or destroy the native. As per some sacred texts, Saturn considered the son of the planet sun and its wife Chaya (shadow) though Saturn is anti-sun or against his father. In the assembly of planets, Saturn occupies the chair of the judge that gets results as per the deeds of one – good or bad. It makes certain that you reap the fruit of your deeds and teach the required lessons in life.

Saturn governs longevity, transport, builders, prisons, carpenters, miners, mechanics, vendors, labourers, monks, social servants, old age, psychosomatic issues, coal, iron, steel, and most of the black objects. When Saturn is benefic in the horoscope, it provides the native with longevity, self-control, truth, justice, humanity, discipline, richness, patience. It also makes one a diplomat and a successful entrepreneur.

Conversely, when Saturn is malefic in the horoscope, it gives sufferings, tensions, delays, losses, cowardliness, scandals, bad luck, and defamed image. It gets diseases like black jaundice, paralysis, rheumatism, neurosis, ear issues, anxiety, insanity, colic pains and asthma, etc.

People affected by the malefic effects of Saturn shall wear good quality and flawless Neeli mounted in gold or silver. It lessens the ill effects of Saturn and receives positive effects by calming its effects.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Neeli Gemstone?
  • Iolite connects you with cosmic, universal vibrations, thus, helping you understand your true self.
  • It communicates with the Third Eye Chakra, thus, making you intuitive, psychic, and forecasting.
  • It attracts the positive results of planet Saturn, which means Neeli got all the power to achieve your highest aim. It particularly shows amazing results during the Dasha of Shani.
  • It calms down the emotional and mental turmoil, thus, helping you comprehend what is what. By controlling your emotions & aligning your senses, it makes you wiser, stronger, and more decisive, with which you become able to perfectly balance & maintain your personal & professional life.
  • It helps you identify and utilize your spiritual and psychic abilities so that you can understand the hidden world.
  • The revolutionary stone makes you a problem-solver, and every time you come up with the best & result-oriented solutions.
  • It gives you amazing & profitable insights with which you come out as a wise head.
  • The stone of Saturn instils within you the sense of responsibility, discipline, and hard work; having such attributes in your persona, you easily meet your targets.
  • One of its most profitable traits is that it teaches you industrialism with which you never fail in any business or endeavour.
  • It adds authority, responsibility & wisdom to your character that others can easily notice.
  • With Neeli stone, you conceive the sense of responsibility towards society, family and all relations in general, with which you share harmonious relationships.
  • Healthwise, Neeli detoxifies the body, regulates blood circulation, reduces bloating, improves stomach health, and promotes overall health.
  • This powerful stone leaves a good impact on your financial health; whenever in debt, take resort to the Neeli stone as it generates income sources and helps you pay back loans.
  • Neeli proves to be robust support in all your projects & endeavours and helps you come out victorious.
  • It makes you so determined & motivated towards your goals that you automatically create lasting abundance for yourself.
In which metal to wear Neeli gemstone?
  • Silver, white gold, platinum or bronze is suitable to mount the Neeli gemstone.
In which finger to wear Neeli gemstone?
  • Prefer to wear Neeli gem on the middle finger. As per palmistry, the middle finger and mountain under the middle finger represent the planet Saturn. Therefore, gemology recommends wearing the Neeli gem on the middle finger.
What are the other methods to wear Neeli gemstone?
  • Wear it as a bracelet.
  • Wear it around the neck.
  • Keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • Keep it under the pillow or mattresses.
What is the Mantra for Neeli gemstone?

Mantra: “Aum Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum”

Chant the given mantra 23,000 times to charge the Neeli gemstone.

How to wear Neeli gemstone? How to charge Neeli gemstone?
  • Bring the sapphire on a Saturday when Saturn is posited in Capricorn, Libra or Aquarius. You may as well bring it on a Saturday, falling in Shravan, Kshat, Bhikha, Dhanishtha, Chitra, Uttrakshad, Svati, Vishakha or Purva Bhadrapad.
  • The weight of the stone shall be of a minimum of four Rattikas, and it shall be flawless. The Neeli of 5 or 7 rattikas is also auspicious.
  • Bring the stone in the evening on the suggested day and immediately give it to the jeweller to mount in a ring made up of a jumble of gold, iron and silver. As per Tantrics, a ring made up of five metals (Gold, Silver, Zinc, Iron, and Copper) is supreme to wear this stone. However, the total weight of the jumble of metals shall be 9 rattikas. Make certain the back of the ring is open so the stone could touch the skin of the finger of the wearer.
  • Once the ring is ready, put it in the cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk – wash it with Ganga water, spring water, rainwater, or water kept overnight in a copper pot.
  • Write the Shani Yantra on a black cloth using rice paste, red sandalwood paste, and Roli.
  • Take an engraved Yantra or idol of Saturn made up of either iron or steel, give it a bath - make it dry with a black cloth only - place it on the same black cloth on which the Saturn Yantra is written - place the ring on the same cloth.
  • Sit on a black woollen asana facing the west – recite the mentioned mantra 108 or 23,000 times – offer lamp, flowers and incense to the Yantra and ring assuming them a symbol of Lord Saturn.
  • Once done with the rites, wear the ring in the middle finger with a mind fixed on Lord Saturn sitting on a vulture.
What are the preventions for Neeli gemstone?
  • Remove it before taking a bath.
  • Remove it before sleeping.

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Fashion, Fortune



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