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Santana Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi

Santana LakshmiConceiving and ChildrenSantana Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the presiding deity for good fortune and wealth. She emerged from the ocean of milk.

When devas and asuras wanted ambrosia, the deathless potion, they were advised to churn the ocean of milk. The devas and asuras requested serpent Vasuki to be the churning rope and pleaded Lord Vishnu to carry Mount Meru on his back. Lord Vishnu obliged and took the avatara of kurma or a tortoise and held the mountain on his back. While they were churning many precious beings like Iravata, the elephant, Kamadhenu the holy cow, moon, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari emerged. Later Goddess Lakshmi became a consort of Lord Vishnu and she accompanied him in all his avataras.

Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is worshipped in her eight forms known as Asthalakshmis. Dhana Lakshmi is the giver of wealth, Vidya lakshmi bestows knowledge, Santana Lakshmi, worshipped for children and progeny, Soubhagya lakshmi, for a happy and prosperous marriage.

Lakshmi is known with various other names like Padmakshi, Padma sundari, Bhagawati, Manogna, Hiranmayee, Sriya, kamala etc.

Diwali is the festival wherein Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by all Hindus. On Diwali day in the evening, Lakshmi pooja is specially performed in all Hindu households. Oil Lamps are lighted and decorated to welcome her. Business men start their new account books from Diwali day onwards.  She is known to bless her devotees with prosperity and wealth. Dhana Lakshmi is the most worshipped forms of Goddess Lakshmi.

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1. Lakshmi Sri Sookta Homam/Santana Lakshmi Homam/Vidya lakshmi homam: It is an elaborate pooja which is performed by four pundits. Recitation of Lakshmi namavali is done for 4 X 1008 times. later Sri Sooktam is recited and a homam is performed. The specialty of this homam is, a lotus flower is dipped in honey and offered to the fire God. This pooja is done in your name and with your specific sankalpa.

Cost for 10,000 recitals and homam: Rs.10000/- Book Now

Cost for 27,000 recitals and homam: Rs.39,000/- Book Now

Cost for 54,000 recitals and homam: Rs.59000/- Book Now

Cost for 100,000 recitals and homam: Rs.100,000/- Book Now

2. Lakshmi Pooja: This pooja is performed on a Thursday or Friday. Shodasopachara pooja is done with the suggested materials, recitation of Lakshmi Namavali and Sri Sookta is also done. This pooja will be done in your name and with your sankalpa.

Cost: Rs1700/- Book Now

3. Lakshmi Kubera Homam: Kubera is supposed to the treasurer of Goddess Lakshmi. For seeking financial prosperity, it is suggested in the vedic scriptures to perform Lakshmi Kubera homam.

It is an elaborate pooja. After the initial Ganesh and Kalasha pooja, Dasa Dikpalaka homam and Navagrah homam are performed with the prescribed materials. Lakshmi moola mantra and Kubera moola mantra are recited 1008 times. Later homam is performed. This pooja will be done in your name and with your specific wish or desire.

Cost: Rs.25000/- Book Now