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Satyanarayana Pooja

Satyanarayana Pooja

Satyanarayana Poojaicon2Satyanarayana Pooja

Significance of Satyanarayana Pooja
Lord Satyanarayana Swamy is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This pooja or katha is performed by the devotees usually on occasions like house warming ceremony, marriage etc. It can be done on any day for fulfillinf any wish or desire. The importance of Satyanarayana pooja is mentioned in Skanda Purana.

Satyanarayana Pooja is ideally performed on the day of Purnima (full moon day) of every lunar month or on Ekadasi. After fulfillinf their desires, devotees often pay homage to Lord Vishnu by performing Satyanaraya Pooja. This pooja is advised to childless couples for bearing children.

The pooja is usually done in the evening time. Devotees who want to perform this pooja have to be on fast till the pooja is done.

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icon1Procedure of Satyanarayana Katha

This pooja begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, for removing all obstacles in performing the pooja. Various names of Ganesha are chanted in his praise and prasadam is offered. Any pooja in Hindu tradition commences with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. It is mandatory to start the pooja with invocation to Lord Ganesha.

Later, navagrahas are invoked and worshipped. The navagrahas are Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Budha (Mercury), Angaaraka (Mars), Brihaspati or Guru (Jupiter), Sani (Saturn), Shukra (Venus), Rahu (the Demon snake’s head), Ketu (the Demon snake’s tail)

Each navagraha is associated with a specific pulse or cereal. All these nine cereals and pulses are used in the pooja.

Lord Satyanarayana is worshipped during the pooja. A photograph or idol of Lord Satyanarayana is kept at the place of worship. Flower garlands are used for decorating the idol. All pooja materials are kept ready for performing the pooja.

Various names of Lord Satyanarayana are recited and pachamritam is offered to the deity. Panchamritam consists of five items, milk, honey, ghee, sugar and curd.

Another important aspect of Satyanarayana Pooja is the recitation of five stories related to the origin of Satyanarayana pooja, benefits associated with it, potential mishaps if the pooja is neglected and realization of one’s mistakes. After the recitation of each story, a coconut is offered to the diety.

At the end of the pooja, Aarti is given to the Lord. Camphor is lit and offered to the diety. Later, prasadam is offered to the Lord and distributed among the devotees. Devotional songs of Lord Vishnu and Lord Satyanarayana and Goddess Lakshmi are sung by the devotees.

It is believed that devotees who listen to the five stories and offer their prayers will be blessed by the Lord Satyanarayana.

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icon1Pooja items required for performing Satyanarayana Pooja:

  • Prasadam made of sooji, sugar, ghee and cardamoms
  • Kumkum powder
  • Incense sticks
  • Betel leaves
  • Flowers for the garland and pooja
  • Tulsi leaves
  • A wooden platform to erect the idol of Lord Satyanarayana
  • Panchamirtam
  • Coconuts

We perform Satyanarayan pooja on the request of our clients.

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Satyanarayana Vrata Pooja:

This pooja was prescribed by Lord Vishnu himself to his devotee, Sage Narada as an antidote for all sufferings and removing evils. This pooja is done in your name and with your specific wish or desire.