Scorpio Monthly Horoscope 2024

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For November 2024

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For November 2024

“Free Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For November 2024″

Scorpio Health Horoscope

This month the augury about your health in quite encouraging, since the combination of stars facing you is quite favourable. A predisposition to chronic disorders like rheumatism and complaints of the digestive system like chronic constipation would be relieved. There would be a significant respite from such troubles.

There is some possibility of a chronic cold which might be a little troublesome. But this is an outside chance, which is really not worth worrying about. Quite a beneficial month for you, from the health point-of-view.

Scorpio Finance Forecast

Nothing very favourable in the augury, from the stars, this month in so far as your financial prospects are concerned. There is a possibility that some of you would be influenced by a streak of meanness which would goad you on to severely exploit your juniors, workers or even people below you in the social strata for your personal advantage.

This could be met by stiff resistance and could easily turn into an extremely unpleasant situation from which it would not be easy to extricate yourself. Curb such tendencies very firmly, failing which you would have only yourself to blame. The climate would also not be congenial for investment and new ventures, and any such plans should be shelved for the time being.

Scorpio Career and Profession Predictions

The stars are not in an obliging mood, and as such your career prospects are somewhat bleak. Some of you might develop a mean streak which would goad you on to unscrupulously exploiting your juniors and workers, as well as others below you in the social strata. Such tendencies should be firmly curbed, failing which a very unpleasant situation could come about for you.

You would also find yourself working quite hard for returns that would be quite meagre. What is more there is little you would be able to do to redress the balance. This calls for patience to get over the bad spell of adverse circumstances. Travel also would fail to bear any fruit.

Scorpio Education Horoscope

Nothing particularly favourable about the augury from the stars this month in so far as your pursuits in education go. Those going in for higher education would face difficulties at practically every step. But they must patiently resolve these rather than give up.

Technical students may also face a frustrating time. They might have to work much harder just to maintain their ranking. Here again perseverance would be the answer. Candidates for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching, since this could make all the difference between success and failure.

Scorpio Travel Forecast

In this month gains from travel would be practically more, since the stars are favorably placed for this. Plans for pilgrimages to holy places shall be executed into action and the journeys undertaken,  would bring in happiness.

Students aspiring for higher studies or training abroad or at places far away from their homes would be attaining desired results. Business or job related travel would generate the expected profits. You would travel within the country and abroad also probably. South is the most favourable direction.

Scorpio Family Prospects

This month the affairs of your family are unlikely to retain much of their forward momentum, getting bogged down in difficulties of various kinds. There are very strong indications of serious tensions with your elders. Therefore, you should resolve not to lose your cool and discipline yourself to firmly refuse to be drawn into any confrontation of any sort. This would keep things under control.

The family atmosphere as such would be far from pleasant with discord among members openly evident. In such an atmosphere, the children would tend to be irritable and not do too well at their appointed tasks. You would have to supervise their affairs closely, giving more of your time and energy.

Scorpio Children Predictions

This month your children could create a number of problems for you people, since the stars are not too favourably inclined. The wards of some of you would get into seriously difficulties with their teachers, whereby their studies would be adversely effected. Parents should intervene to set things right.

The performance at studies of most of you would in any case not be very inspiring. Students of law and those pursuing higher studies would face a set of particularly adverse circumstances. However, parents should see to it that they persevere in their pursuits, since these problems would gradually resolve themselves.

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