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Shiva Pooja every Monday

Shiva Pooja every Monday

Shiva Pooja every MondayWeekly Archana – Shiva Pooja every Monday

One of the gods in the Trinity, Lord Shiva gets satisfied with small deeds like offering few drops of water to him. He blesses his devotees easily and forgives them instantly. Lord Shiva is known as the creator along with his consort Goddess Parvati or Shakti. He acts as a destroyer also during Mahapralay, the cosmic union. Lord Shiva is known as Bhairava in his fierceful form to punish demons and evil forces. At pradosha time during dusk, Lord Shiva performs the ananda Thandava or the cosmic dance along with Goddess Parvathi. It is believed that all other Gods come to Kailasa for watching the celestial dance. He is the Lord of music and dance and is known with the name Nataraja. He resides on Mount Kailash with his consort Goddess Parvati, sons, Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya.

Monday is considered auspicious for Shiva Pooja and we perform the following Shiva Poojas for the convenience of our clients and devotees.

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icon31. Shiva Pooja 108: Shiva pooja is performed with Archana, recitation of 108 namavali and Shivopasana mantra. Sodasopacharas are done. This pooja is done in your name and with your specific desire.

Cost: Rs1001/- Book Now

2. Shiva Pooja 1008: Along with the above mentioned pooja, 1008 names of Lord Shiva are recited.

Cost: Rs.1351/- Book Now

3. Bilva Patra Pooja 108: Lord Shiva’s 1008 names are recited and 108 Bilva patra leaves are offered.

Cost: Rs.1101/- Book Now

4. Bilva Patra Pooja 1008: Lord Shiva’s 1008 names are recited and 1008 Bilva Patra leaves are offered.

Cost: Rs.1452/- Book Now

5. Masa Shivaratri (Pradosha) pooja: Trayodasi, the thirteenth day of the lunar calendar is auspicious for Shiva pooja.

Cost: Rs.2001/- Book Now

6. Rudrabhishekam Pooja: Lord Shiva is worshipped in the Rudra form. Ganesha pooja, Kalasha sthapana and Shivopasana mantra are done. Sri Rudram is recited and abhishekam is done.

Cost: Rs.2500/- Book Now

7. Rudrabhishekam Pooja (12 Rudrabhisheka): The above mentioned Rudrabhishekam is peformed every month for an year in your name and with your specific desire.

Cost: Rs.25000/- Book Now

8. Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam (Rudraikasini homam): It is an elaborate pooja and eleven Rudras who are considered to be the forms of Lord Shiva are worshipped. Rudra Japa is performed 11X11, 121 times by eleven pundits.

Cost: Rs.35,000/- Book Now

9. Maha Rudram Yagya: It is a very unique and elaborate pooja wherein 121 pundits recite Sri Rudram 11 times in a day. Homam is performed.

Cost: Rs.1500/- Book Now

10. Atirudram Yagya: One of the greatest yagyas, it is performed by 121 pundits. They recite eleven Sri Rudrams every day for a period of eleven days. Homam is performed. You have to inform us at least one month before to make the necessary preparations. Please contact us for cost and other details.

11. Santana Parameswara Pooja: It is prescribed for people who face difficulty in conceiving and for good health of their children.

Cost: Rs.1500/- Book Now

12. Maha Mrutyanjay Homam:

Cost: 1008 recitals Rs 9500/- Book Now

Cost: 10000 recitals Rs 12500/- Book Now

Cost: 27000 recitals Rs 21500/- Book Now

Cost: 54000 recitals Rs45000/- Book Now

Cost 100000 recitals Rs 85000/- Book Now

13. Yakshma Roga Nivarana Homam: This homam is advised to people who suffer from skin diseases.

Cost: Rs.34,000/- Book Now