7 Chakra Key Pendant

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Opens luck, realizes powers, manifest desires, gives solutions, removes obstacles, and make you fearless.

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What does the 7 Chakra Key pendant represent?

The symbol of the 7 Chakra Key pendant is a tree in a circle; it mainly represents three things:

  • The whole universe in the form of the cosmic tree
  • You as an inseparable & significant part of the universe
  • Your growth in the spiritual & material world while your roots connected to the earth at the same time
  • Key to every problem at hand
  • Opening up chakras, opportunities, divine support, solutions & answers
Which metal is used to make the 7 Chakra Key pendant?

This magical pendant is made up of original 7 Chakra stones stringed in the thin wires of alloy metal that is safe for the human skin.

What are the benefits of wearing a 7 Chakra Key pendant?
  • This is not an ordinary pendant but a key to your luck. Luck opens by wearing such a divine pendant.
  • This combination of stones & symbols (tree & key) reminds you that you have all the powers & solutions to your problems. It helps you find answers within than outside.
  • The stones of seven colours represent the seven primary chakras in the energy body, and the key symbol gives them command to open & twirl the chakras properly.
  • This ultimate pendant manifest wishes, opens doors of opportunities & happiness, and ensures success in all endeavours.
  • Its main attribute is removing obstacles in everything, be it – love, marriage, career, income, recovery, education, or anything else. Obstacles are indications of blocked energies that can be opened up with the help of this powerful pendant.
  • When you have the master key, you fear nothing, and emerge as a humdinger. With the influence of this pendant, people approach you for advice and pay heed to what you say.
  • For those in brainy fields like developing, testing, detective agency, astrology, numerology, science, writing, teaching or even learning, then this pendant proves a big support. It helps you find the right answers & solutions quickly. Even in other fields also, it helps generate innovative ideas.
How to charge & wear the 7 Chakra Key pendant?

Follow the simple rule of charging the 7 chakra key pendant:

  • Wash it with simple water or chanted/holy water (if available).
  • Keep it under the morning sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Wear the pendant on an auspicious day.




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  1. sontakke.purva42 (verified owner)

    Can I wear this pendant in gold chain ?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can wear.

  2. anushka.ray126

    Mai seven chakara pendent mai key wala pending lu ya without key wala

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