Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

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Awakens sixth sense, enables divine experiences, helps see beyond worldly eyes, helps know the higher truth, and protects from negative forces.

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What does the Amethyst Tree of Life pendant represent?

The symbol of the Amethyst pendant is a tree in a circle; it mainly represents three things:

  • The whole universe in the form of the cosmic tree
  • You as an inseparable & significant part of the universe
  • Your growth in the spiritual & material world while your roots connected to the earth at the same time
Which metal is used to make the Amethyst tree of life pendant?

This magical pendant is made up of original Amethyst stones stringed in the thin wires of alloy metal that is safe for the human skin.

What are the benefits of wearing an Amethyst tree of life pendant?
  • Having a third-eye opener “amethyst tree of life pendant” is like having divinity by your side. This locket helps you envision what normal people can’t; yes, it gives you a spiritual vision by activating your sixth sense.
  • The wearer of the “amethyst tree of life pendant” becomes the owner of the universal wisdom, knower of the highest truth, and separated from the perishable world.
  • Amethyst tree pendant makes you forecasting also and proves to be the ultimate wearable remedy for business & financial success. It helps you make big & profitable decisions in business and grow it just like a rising tree.
  • It has a soothing effect on the body, mind & soul; the hence, the amethyst pendant proves to be a cosmic panacea for neuron problems and psychological disorders. Amethyst kills devils like anxiety, anger, jealousy, abusive language, and irritation of any sort.
  • Practices like meditation, yoga, Kundalini awakening, chakra balancing, Japa, etc., become intense & successful with the help of this divine pendant.
  • This potent amulet protects you from negative forces around that attack you in diverse manners like the evil eye, black magic, hurdles, and so. No matter how penetrating the external forces are, the wearer of an amethyst pendant remains unaffected by all of them thanks to the positive layer it creates around. It also protects from mishappenings and accidents.
  • Therapeutically, it cures skin problems, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, headaches, endocrine function and pains. It prevents diseases by giving immunity a boost.
How to charge & wear the Amethyst tree of life pendant?

Follow the simple rule of charging the amethyst tree of life pendant:

  • Wash it with simple water or chanted/holy water (if available).
  • Keep it under the morning sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Wear the pendant on an auspicious day.
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