Apatite Tree of Life Pendant

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Opens Throat Chakra, blesses eloquence, grows acumen, makes cunning, makes expressive, brushes up creativity, gives manifestation power, makes love life dreamlike, and fights allergies.

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What does the Apatite Tree of Life pendant represent?

The symbol of the Apatite pendant is a tree in a circle; it mainly represents three things:

  • The whole universe in the form of the cosmic tree
  • You as an inseparable & significant part of the universe
  • Your growth in the spiritual & material world while your roots connected to the earth at the same time
Which metal is used to make the Apatite tree of life pendant?

This magical pendant is made up of original Apatite stones stringed in the thin wires of alloy metal that is safe for the human skin.

What are the benefits of wearing an Apatite tree of life pendant?
  • Apatite tree pendant is a Throat Chakra specialist that improves communication, concentration and learning ability.
  • Wisdom becomes your identity when Apatite is your Jewellery! Yes, this apatite tree of life pendant grows universal acumen, thus, helping you gauge any situation just rightly and proving yourself a humdinger everywhere you go.
  • If you are curious about knowing its connection with spirituality, then hell yes, this pendant is a boon for supporting spiritual activities like meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Kundalini awakening and most importantly mantra chanting.
  • Having a deep connection with the Vishuddha Chakra, the Apatite tree of life pendant makes you dangerously expressive & self-confident, with which you excel & grow in any field you choose. Since this magical pendant adds weight to your words, people adhere to what you say.
  • This pendant transforms the way you think & react to situations & people. It eliminates vengeful feelings and activates your humanitarian side, with which you begin to take pride in helping others.
  • Adding more to its benefits, this pendant holds manifestation power which it infuses in the wearer. You – by wearing such a magical pendant – assume the power of making things happen for you, the way you want.
  • This optimistic necklace also makes you future-oriented with an achiever’s attitude.
  • Do you know that the Apatite has a role in your love life as well? Well, it makes your love life like a fairytale in which the boy & girl love each other truly and unconditionally. By wearing this attractive neck Jewellery, you attract the desired love, which fills your life with lasting happiness.
  • No need to tell, but it is very obvious that negative energies don’t dare to roam around such a positive pendant like Apatite; consequently, it keeps you away from feelings like passiveness, anxieties, nightmares, stress, and depression.
  • As far as its curative properties are concerned, the Apatite pendant is a matchless solution to fight against viruses & allergies. Additionally, it boosts immunity, improves appetite and treats the thyroid, glands, organs, and meridians.
How to charge & wear the Apatite tree of life pendant?

Follow the simple rule of charging the apatite tree of life pendant:

  • Wash it with simple water or chanted/holy water (if available).
  • Keep it under the morning sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Wear the pendant on an auspicious day.
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