Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala is divinely powerful. It is also known as Sulemani Hakik Mala. It is a shield against evil spirits, evil eye, Tantrik attacks, black magic, and mishappenings. If you aspire a rapid growth, success, and divine protection, you must resort to black banded agate onyx Mala; it is capable of fulfilling all your desires and adding fruit to your efforts. This Mala is blessed by Lord Shiva and planet Rahu and shows its magical results quickly in the wearer’s life. 

What is the Formation of Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala?
  • Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala is comprised of original Black Banded Agate stones.
  • The number of beads in the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala is 108.
  • All the stones used in the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala are 100% organic, original & authentic.
  • For beautification, a black-coloured fringe is joint at the bottom of the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala.
What are the Benefits of Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala?

The benefits of wearing a Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It attracts the divine blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.
  • It ensures a perfect flow of Shiv & Shakti energies inside.
  • Usually, it neutralizes all planets in the horoscope, but especially strengthens the planet Rahu and lessens its negative effects.
  • It activates & balances the Base Chakra.
  • It creates positivity around your aura.
  • It guards against black magic, hexing, Tantrik attacks, spirits, and evil-eye; such negative energies cannot affect the wearer of this Mala.
  • It removes obstacles & delays in any endeavour.
  • It dismisses poverty & famine.
  • It ensures rapid growth, financial gains, heights of success, and overall prosperity.
  • It makes you confident, courageous and competent enough.
  • It increases the willpower to overcome any difficulty or challenge and reach the goal.
  • It produces ample energy inside, along with the sense of channelizing it.
  • It is a healing Mala also that prevents & treat many diseases. It improves digestion, treats joint pains, dismisses lethargy, strengthens bones & muscles, and prevents breast cancer.
  • It prevents sexual disorders, promotes satisfying intercourse, and ensures timely/healthy progeny.
How to Use Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala?
  • You may wear it around the neck or wrist.
  • You may use it as a rosary for Japa/chanting.
  • You may keep it in the worship room.
  • You may keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • You may keep it under the pillow or on the side of the bed.
What are the Rituals for Wearing Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala – How to Energize Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala?
  • In the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Wash the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala with the holy water of Ganga (optional).
  • Take the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala in your hands and chant “Om Rahve Namah” at least 11 times or as per your capacity.
  • Wear the Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala – prefer to wear it on an auspicious day.
What are the Preventions for Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala?
  • Remove it before sleeping.
  • Remove it before taking a bath.

Mala may contain 101-110 beads.






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12 reviews for Black Banded Agate Onyx Mala

  1. subasini.mama

    Good quality. Sir mere bhai ka dob 26/01/1993 .wo black agate mala aur amethyst mala order Kiya h. Kya dono mala benefit dega usko , please suggest

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, it will benefit.

  2. Achlesh (verified owner)

    ब्लैक बैंडिट अगेट माला के साथ गले में चांदी की चेन पहन सकते हैं क्या

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can wear…

  3. yogeshagravat235

    जी मैंने टाइगर आई 7 चक्र हमजा और मोती क्रिस्टल , रुद्राक्ष क्रिस्टल ब्रेसलेट पहने है । और इसके साथ मे ये ब्लेक अगेट माला पहन सकता हु
    मेरा डेट ऑफ बर्थ 29/03/1990
    बर्थ समय 2:10 p मm है

    • Rahul Kaushl

      You can…

  4. Prabhat Pastor (verified owner)

    This mala is good quality and sturdy.
    But the mala i received does not have 108 beads.

  5. Rahul Kaushl

    This Mala contains 108 beads…

  6. sawant.tushar1975

    Good quality.

  7. Nilesh Ghanawat (verified owner)

    I ordered black banded agate mala but i received black agate mala.

  8. Suresh Prakash (verified owner)

    It gives a push to goals and things begin to happen automatically and fast. Dynamic indeed!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Deepak Rao (verified owner)

    After some days of wearing this Mala, my needs began to meet easily. It has some power in reality. Strongly recommended.

  10. Neha Devgan (verified owner)

    I made my mother-in-law wear this mala for joint pain, she is in relief since then.

  11. Sorabh Awasthi (verified owner)

    It made me fearless also lessened my health problems. Thankyou _/\_

  12. Soni Dheeraj Nair (verified owner)

    It is powerful and protective, I mainly wore it for protection against black magic.

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