Blue Aventurine Reiki Symbol Healing Stones Set

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For peace, mental clarity, practicality, self-discovery & wisdom.

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Health Benefits:

Blue Aventurine Reiki Symbol Healing Stones Set is an Alternative Treatment for Mentioned Diseases:

Psychological disorders, anxiety relief, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, pain, swelling, allergies, fever, cold & cough, fast recovery, sunstroke, asthma, lungs disorder & hyperactivity.

Material Benefits:

Potential, decisive, knowledge, transformation, decisiveness, ample opportunities, determination, activity, health, clear paths, own identity, patience, communication skills, sharp brain, thinking capacity & focus.

Supernatural Benefits:

Purity, sincerity, emotional balance/strength, positivity, cosmic bliss, spirituality, psychic abilities, angelic communication, clairvoyance, forecasting, connection with higher energies, deep meditation, self-healing & inner vision.

How to use blue aventurine reiki symbol healing stones?

There are multiple techniques to use healing stones, but all call for your physical & psychological association. So, you can develop your own techniques to use the healing stones. Some of the methods are as follow:

#1 Program your crystal:

The crystal is always ready to carry out your tasks but needs your command. A programmed crystal becomes your juju and does as you say. For this, you need to program your crystal. How? By infusing intent into it.

To program your crystal(s), simply hold it in the hands, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, then say your affirmation with a clear mental picture of your desire getting fulfilled.

For example, if you want growth, say: “I call the growth energies to enter the crystal and help me grow rapidly in my career & life.”

After saying your affirmation, show gratitude as if your wish has already been manifested.

#2 Pamper with the crystal:

You can use crystals to massage your skin, like pampering yourself. This act will help you sense the caring, healing & loving energies of the universe corresponding with you and benefitting you. This technique is mainly used to enhance beauty & self-love.

#3 Bathe with the crystal:

This technique will enable you to smear yourself in the energy of crystals. For this, simply put your crystals in the bathtub or bucket and take a bath. The crystal bath makes you feel beautiful internally & externally, refreshed like never before, healthy & fit, relaxed physically & mentally, and happy to the core. Remember, there are some crystals that cannot be put in the water. So, before you put any crystal in the water, collect the necessary information first.

#4 Wear the crystal:

Wearing the crystal on the body is the ancient, simple & effective way of tapping into its energy. The more it touches your body, the more it shows the effects. For this, you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, earring, anklet, or so.

#5 Keep the crystal in the purse or pocket:

If you want to keep your friendship with the crystal secret, keeping it in the pocket, purse, or bag is an ideal option. A crystal kept like this keeps supporting & reminding your goals.

#6 Meditate with the crystal:

Meditating with crystals is an expanded spiritual practice. For this, sit in a relaxed position & peaceful ambience, place the crystals before you, keep them on your palms, hold them, or keep them between the eyebrows and meditate. Remember, the principle of crystal meditation is dissimilar to worshipping; in crystal meditation, the person and the crystal trade energies and manifest the desired results.

#7 Keep the crystal in the premise:

Whether a residential or commercial place, crystals kept randomly add four moons to the beauty of the place – as well as – energize the place. The beautiful crystal decorative pieces keep spreading positive vibes constantly. Keeping crystals in the premise is the easiest way to receive their benefic energies and cleanse the place, body, mind & soul. A house in which crystals are present in plenty remains filled with positivity, health, happiness, prosperity & abundance.

#8 Perform rituals with the crystal:

Here ritual implies your routines like yoga, cleansing, meditation, exercising, affirmation, mantras, sigil practice, yantra making, practising Switchwords, etc. Associating crystals with these rituals increases the percentage of benefits & possibilities of happening an event.

#9 Divination with the Crystal:

Crystals are closely associated with many divination methods, including reiki, energy healing, dowsing, tarot reading, psychic reading, etc. Divination using crystals helps present accurate predictions, suggest result-oriented remedies, protect from client’s energies, and fetch wisdom.

#10 Grid of crystals:

A crystal grid is a force field of energy that works like a solid support to your goal. You can assemble and disassemble the grid as many times as you want. For example, if it is a big day, create a crystal grid to support the task and when the task is accomplished, thank the grid, disassemble it and create it for another target.

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