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Adds fun & entertainment to life, makes you jolly, prevents overthinking, ignited creative & artistic abilities, releases stress, removes negativity, makes you friendly and helps you achieve life purposes.

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If you are looking to add fun & enjoyment to life, then Dalmatian Jasper is a bracelet for you! Yes, Dalmatian Jasper is a stone of fun & joy. It adds, nay enhances entertainment & enjoyment in life. It makes one forget all the worries and enjoy life by all means. Piercing through the four layers of the body, it finally resonates with the fifth & deepest layer – “Anandamaya Kosha” (the bliss body) and provides happiness/bliss at the soul level. It establishes a great balance between Yin & Yang energies; thus, aligning physical, mental & emotional bodies, which give wings to life. Everyone is recommended to wear this bracelet to live the happiest life, despite problems. Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet is the demand for such a taxed era. This bracelet is the best gift for your lifeless or miserable friend/mate to infuse life in him/her.

Benefits of Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

The benefits of wearing a Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet are countless; yet, some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It exalts the planet Saturn.
  • It activates the Base & Sacral Chakras.
  • It enlivens your inner child, and you begin to find fun in everything.
  • It makes your nature jolly, playful & entertaining.
  • It busts mental worries, stress, nightmares & negativity.
  • It releases a calming effect on the mind & behaviour, thus, preventing you from taking stress of any sort.
  • It also prevents overthinking.
  • The stone helps you enchant/control both people and animals.
  • It strengthens bonds with family, friends & loved ones.
  • It detoxifies the body and lets positive vibrations enter the body and life.
  • When you become positive, prolific – opportunities & people find your path.
  • It keeps you healthy & happy all along.
  • It prevents all major & minor diseases and promotes sound health.
  • It also makes you creative & artistic.
  • It makes life easier and lighter.
  • It makes available all the required resources to achieve your goals easily.
  • It brings like-minded and good friends in life.
  • It prevents negativity from all directions.
  • It helps you get out of adverse situations calmly.
  • It breaks the walls of obstacles in the mid of your path to success.
  • It makes you forgiving & friendly.
  • It introduces you to your true life purpose.
  • It makes you fully enjoy every bit of life.
  • When you become happy-go-lucky, prosperity, growth, wealth & abundance don’t remain a concern.
Who Shall Wear Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

Generally, anybody can wear the Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet for overall success; however, it provides guaranteed results in the cases mentioned below:

  • People having the weak Saturn in the horoscope shall wear it.
  • People with Capricorn & Aquarius zodiacs shall wear it.
  • People with blocked Base & Sacral Chakra must wear it.
  • Usually, everyone shall wear it for living a contented life.
  • Children and elders must wear this bracelet.
  • People who remain under work pressure & worldly stress shall wear it.
  • People who remain depressed must wear it.
  • People, especially children who behave dull and inactive, must wear it.
  • People who are going through a rough or traumatic life shall wear it.
  • People having a disappointing/hopeless life shall wear it.
  • People who are stubborn and short-tempered shall wear it.
  • People who want to increase their friend circles shall wear it.
  • People whose lives are devoid of fun & entertainment must wear it.
  • People who want to become a magnet for prolific opportunities shall wear it.
  • People who want to attract people shall wear it.
  • People who want to attract wealth & abundance shall wear it.
  • People who have lost hope in life shall wear it.
  • People who are emotionally unstable & disappointing shall be gifted with such an amusing bracelet.
  • People who want to promote healing shall wear it.
  • People who want to enjoy life at large shall wear it.
  • People who want to develop creativity shall wear it.
  • Comedians & entertainers shall wear it.
  • People who feel boredom shall wear it.
How to Wear Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

Here are certain ways to use the Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet. You can use any one of them to take advantage of this magical bracelet.

  • Wear the Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet in either hand.
  • Keep the Dalmatian Jasper in the pocket or purse.
  • Children may keep the Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet in their school/college bag.
On Which Day to Wear Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet can be worn irrespective of day and time. However, prefer to wear this magical bracelet in the daylight.

How Many Dalmatian Jasper Bracelets to Wear:

One bracelet is enough; however, more bracelets can be worn to enhance beauty.

Preventions While Wearing the Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet:

There are no such preventions to be followed while wearing the bracelet. You do not need to make any changes in your routine after wearing this bracelet. It will keep working and benefiting you till you are connected to it physically & psychologically.

Difference between Charged & Uncharged Bracelet:

Pandit.com offers you both charged & uncharged Dalmatian Jasper Bracelets which you can order as per your need and budget.

Charged bracelet reaches you after performing certain Puja, Chanting of respective Mantras, and giving intent to the bracelet which takes considerable time & energy. However, the charged bracelet begins to work faster than an uncharged bracelet.

On the other hand, we also offer uncharged bracelets on which no custom of Puja, Mantra or intent has been performed. It does not mean the uncharged bracelet does not work; it just takes some time to sync with your energies.

Return Policy

If you want to return the item, you have to return it within 24 hours.


A bracelet must contain a minimum of 18-20 beads. However, we add some extra beads in a bracelet so that if – by chance – any bead turns out to be damaged/broken, you could remove it and string the bracelet again to sustain the bead requirement of the bracelet.

The stones used in this bracelet are 100% original & authentic. However, to preserve for a longer, stones are coated in colour. Hence, it is quite normal if the fresh bracelet leaves some colour in its initial days. To remove the over colour-coating in one go, dip it in water and leave overnight, then wear!

Bead Size

7 – 9 MM




Black, Brown, White



Country of Origin



Female, Male, Unisex

Jewellery Type




Product Type





Regular Size

Suitable Professions

Entertainer, Stand-up Comedian


Lab Certified, Occultmaster Assurance


17 – 19 Grams

45 reviews for Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

  1. sunitabhandari77 (verified owner)

    Hello Sir,
    Your products are very beneficial , I got Dalmation Jasper and snowflake obsidian as per bracelet calculator but I had Amethyst bracelet also, now i’m little confused that in which hand should i wear for getting more benefits, im searching job from last few years। Please suggest me

  2. Diksha Arora

    Sir nobody suggest me nothing I just want your advice which one I should wear
    I’m stuck in banking preparation
    Also I don’t have certainty about my Carrier
    Name Diksha Adora
    Dob 23sept 1998
    Place Gohana haryana
    I will wait for your valuable advice

  3. Diksha Arora

    Hello sir
    My name is Diksha Adora
    Bracelet calculator suggests 3 bracelet
    My dob is 23September1998 gohana haryana
    Should I go for both
    Green aventurine
    Damnation jasper
    Please help me

  4. anindita1903

    Namaskar Sir can I wear dalmatian and sodalite bracelets together. I have fluorite and onyx mixed, citrine and blue apatite mixed for left hand. Rose quartz and howlite for right hand. I will wear at the most 2 in the same hand. Please suggest what all I should wear. I have issues everywhere and I am also doing some sadhana.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      You can take these bracelets, but prefer to wear 2 to 3 maximum at a time.

  5. dimple.gondane

    Good quality. Good delivery experience. Received two rudrakshas too. Thank you for the bracelet. This is my second bracelet from Pandit.com.

  6. deep.cia

    Can Dalmatian jasper + green aventurine + black banded agate 7 bracelet worn together? Thank you

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can wear them together.

  7. dhruvrajput742

    my Sartun is not good in kundli then “Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet” Will give me Good results or bad?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      It will give you good results for sure, wear a 7-Mukhi Rudraksha along with it.

  8. raisubhu1997

    My name is subhashree das
    DOB 22.04.1997
    Time 12.10am
    Place balurghat west bengal
    Sir can u suggest me a lucky bracelet

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Wear a Tiger 7 Chakra Bracelet!

  9. dehradun11111

    Deep Sharma, 16/11/1985. 2am. Aligarh. UP.
    Profession- Business(export)
    Kindly advise the best bracelet for business success and money. Thank you in advance.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Wear Black banded agate 7 chakra bracelet with 4 & 6 Mukhi Rudraksha.

  10. trishatrips1960

    Sir As per my birth details it shows that i should wear Dalmatian Jasper bracelet but can you please suggest something more suitable to my problem. I want to change my current field as I am not liking the work that i do but I am unable to find which field should I opt for I keep doing research on different fields but unable to decide. Please suggest something that will help me find my passion. Also I want to settle down in a foreign country but due to covid there are lot of delays in the processing so please suggest something for this problem too.

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Wear 4 & 8 Mukhi Rudraksha.

  11. manishivani82

    My name is shivani Sharma dob 26 feb 1987.. bracelet calculator show me 3 bracelet as lucky bracelet..these are Dalmatian jasper, snowflake obsidian and lapis lazuli.. please tell me which one is best for me.. or I will wear all three?? Plz plz reply

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Go for dalmatian jasper bracelet.

  12. Deepika sharma (verified owner)

    Sir I have ordered green aventurine, yellow citrine, green tiger eye. Can I wear them together?

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes, you can wear them together, but the results of the green aventurine and green tiger are somewhat the same…

  13. Deepika sharma (verified owner)

    Thank you sir for reply
    One astrologer suggests me to wear panna and topaz, sir could you please suggest me bracelet in substitute of panna and topaz
    I’m a CA final student

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Yes please for Panna you can wear Green Aventurine Bracelet and for Topaz, you can wear Yellow Citrine Bracelet…

  14. Deepika sharma (verified owner)

    Hello sir my name is deepika sharma
    According to my DOB suggested bracelet are pearl
    7 chakra, Dalmatian Gasper which is I already have.
    I’m a CA final student could you please suggest me any other bracelet…

    • Rahul Kaushl

      Each bracelet/remedy serves different purposes; the bracelets you have are very powerful in themselves, but if you are particularly looking one for exam success, go for 4-Mukhi Rudraksha and Green Tiger Bracelet.

  15. Shilpa Paikrao

    Hi… Name -deepa
    Birth date -12/11/1887
    Place -nagpur Maharashtra
    Sir bracelet calculated me dalmetor Jasper aur yellow citrine aa raha hai… Per muze mere profession ( DOCTOR)ke liye suitable bracelet suggest kare

    • Rahul Kaushl

      For your profession: Kiwi Jasper Bracelet is suggested

      As per your dob: Howlite Bracelet is suggested

  16. Ankita Baura (verified owner)

    Gud to gift to serious people….

  17. Ankit Joshi (verified owner)

    No matter what shit is going on in life,,,,,,,,,,this bracelet never lets me bother about anything. Such a bracelet is needed for this hectic period.

  18. Akriti Kashyap (verified owner)

    It keeps me in a light, positive and joyful mood. _/\_

  19. Ranjana Jha (verified owner)

    Good remedy for children.

  20. Suchi Jain (verified owner)

    When planets cause depression you need a strong amulet like this, Best to wear during Sadhe Sati.

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